“I like you like this”

Today somebody told me this. Sounds like a complement right? But its not. Hardly. It was something my girl told me because I had lost my voice due to a bad sore throat. Hahaha.

“I like you like this. Then you can’t scold us.” she said.

Which just goes to show how much I shout at them, nag and scold them each day from morning till bedtime.

“Hurry up.” “Stop fighting” “Don’t jump” “Go to sleep” “Pick up your toys” “Don’t run at the stairs” are some of the things I yell at them in desperation each day.

Once, I heard the kids discussing. “Daddy is nicer because he buys us toys. Mummy stays at home all day and scolds us the whole day.”

The kids associate daddy with fun and play and toys and “kai kai” (going out whether to the mall or to eat) so of course he wins in the fun department but I don’t mind because I’m still favourite. Hahaha. No matter how much I shout at them or scold them, I am still the favourite parent (for now) simply because of the amount of time I spend with them I guess.

And although they equate daddy with fun and play they are still afraid of him. “Don’t tell daddy” is a frequent request I hear from them.

Anyway, since she “likes me like this”, I guess I should try to be like this more often, no not the sore throat but less shouting at them. ;P

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8 thoughts on ““I like you like this”

  1. Well, someone has to be the the bad one and mummy usually gets the role automatically….but at the end of the day… they kids will come calling for their mummy…so it’s ok… 🙂

    Yes, its ok to play badman and still be loved. 🙂

  2. haha.. dun worry, mummy is always the favourite for kids.. haha

    Well, you’ve got a headstart so faster go and bond with your baby so you won’t lag behind the favourites dept. Hehe.

  3. The bond between mother and child starts from the 9 months when they have not even seen each other but are already totally suck and committed to each other. No one and nothing can take the place of that. 🙂

    In an analogy of a ship, Daddy is often seen as the sail, but Mommy is the anchor. 🙂

    I like your ship analogy. 🙂

  4. Came over from Mommykin’s blog!

    oh…..guess someone is always the disciplinarian….even though mummy stayed at home and scolded us many a times when we were young, we always knew the BIG scoldings were left to daddy! and if we had to go to daddy, we wre scared to our toes!

    But without discipline, I think we would have run over mummy and that would not have turned out good in the end!

    Hi Ann, welcome to my blog. Haha. Yes, mummy gives the small scoldings all day long but daddy’s BIG scoldings just once a day is sometimes more effective.

  5. Same over here too! But you know, when it comes to the crunch, like when they are sick or when they are hungry, they know who to go to!!

    Yeah, they come to us for all their basic needs like sleep, food, cuddles,….

  6. Besides “Hurry up” (the most used) “Don’t jump” “Go to sleep” “Pick up your toys”, – “FASTER, DO YOUR HOMEWORK” is what comes out from my mouth every school day.

    Same same over here. However I scold my girl, in the end she’ll always comes back to me. Funny, her pappy doesn’t beat or scold her (but pampers her), she just won’t ‘stick’ to him. How I wish she’ll stick to him and leave me to have my ‘me time’ …. I WANT MY FREEDOM ….. Ahhhhhhhh …… (soli, just letting out my ‘stress’, heehee).

    Hahaha. Oh do go ahead and let out steam. Do you feel better already???

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