Now lets see….

I’ve got the laundry to fold, and the the dust on the shelves and the mirrors look an inch deep. I usually bluff myself (and hubby) by telling myself that I don’t mind having a house full of dust so long as its full of love. But an inch of dust has gathered and thats a bit too much. Hehe.

And the toilet’s starting to look like a public toilet again. Yuck! Something has to be done about that. And I promised the boy that I would sit with him to do his ABCs in front of the computer. And when the girl comes home I’ve got to supervise her homework. That usually takes a looooong time.

And of course, I have to cook or there would be nothing to eat. Then there would be the dishes to do and water to boil or there would be none to drink. Then I need to bathe the kids and get them to nap in the afternoon. There’s also the book that I’m halfway reading. I simply must read the next chapter. Oh, and there are all those blogs that I want to read…. And I must practise my piano too before my next lesson. (I’m an adult learner because I never had the chance to learn as a kid).

I musn’t forget about the ironing. I better get round to ironing those shirts or hubby will have nothing to wear to work. I hate ironing second to washing the toilet.

And the girl needs to be taken to the doctor again because her cough is not going away. The doctor says that it can develop into asthma if left for too long. And I do need to catch up with my sleep too since I’m still not feeling well…. And there’s my exercises which I have been slacking in because I’m not feeling well…

Then there’s the children’s room which was turned over by hubby last night while he was searching for a lizard. Everything in the room is in a mess….. Sob. Sob. Normally its not messy. I have a motto to help me get rid of clutter in my life. A place for everything and everything in its place. That really works for me.

Thats just my todo list for the day. The rest I’m skipping till next time… like sweeping and mopping the floor, changing the bedsheets and washing them of course, and theres my beloved cross stitch gathering dust in some little corner of the house, the carpets to vacumn, and……… I think I better stop here before I start feeling overwhelmed. Better to break the tasks down into little ones and work from there. Phew!

I don’t know where to start!

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