So, how did I do yesterday? Well, lets see…

  • Cook – Check. (For lunch. Dinner was takeout)
  • Wipe dust of shelves – Check. I enlisted the kids help for this. The kids just love to help out (at this age 4 & 6). I took out one good morning towel for myself and cut another one into two for each of them. I dampened the cloth with water. Took everything down from the shelves ie all the knick knacks. Then I wiped the shelves and asked them to wipe the knick knacks. Of course they fought over which item they get to wipe. They also offered to wipe the cupboard doors which was great. My girl was delighted when she found a basketful of my old costume jewellery. “What a pretty basket” she said, followed by “Look, I found jewels mummy!” she exclaimed excitedly as she held out my old pearls and bangles. I found the fact that she referred to my items as “jewels” rather amusing. It makes me sound rich. Hahaha. “Oh, you found some treasure did you?” I teased her. Soon, I left them to it and went to clean out the toilet sink. When I returned, the pearls were making railway tracks all around the room and the bangles were being rolled around by the two little monkies.
  • Naptime for the kids and me – Didn’t get this done because I was too busy wiping and they were too busy playing with the “jewels”. After that they insisted they wanted some tea because “doing work is so tiring”.
  • Bathing the kids – Check. But I think they got dirty again from the dust and all the “wiping” they did.
  • Clean Toilet – Check. I cheated on this one. What I did was made it look more presentable. There is a difference between making it look presentable and deep cleaning. To “make things look presentable”. all I need to do is spray some household substance that will poison and kill me faster and wipe dry. Very fast indeed. 10 minutes instead of an hour. As for the toilet bowl, whenever it looks dirty, I would pour more household substance that will poison and kill me faster into it, then give it a once over with the toilet brush and flush. Another 10 minutes. Sometimes you might catch me doing this in the middle of the night. Siao! Today, I decided to do just the sink. Sometimes, I do just the floor. Little steps, little steps. (Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit) and all will be done. Lol!
  • Take kid to doctor – Skip as doctor is not around
  • Supervise homework – Check. Not much homework today, luckily.
  • Practise piano – Check. Teacher wanted me to memorise the Macgyver piece and play it as if I’m performing. I just can’t get it right. Been at it for weeks. I think the neighbours hate me and Macgyver by now. Haha.
  • Boil water – Check.
  • Wash dishes – Check.
  • Fold laundry – Check. The kids offered to help as they love to do this too but I declined today after the bangle rolling incident.
  • Iron clothes – Check. All 9 pieces. 5 minutes per piece equals 45 minutes of my life. A backbreaking task. My old bones can’t take it.
  • Read book – No time.
  • Sit with boy in front of pc to teach him ABC online – Check.
  • Blog – Check.
  • Exercise – Check. I’m just recovering from dunno what type of strong and long lingering bug so I took it easy. Out comes my salsa dance tape. Cha cha cha. Cha cha cha. Ok, done.

Not bad for a day’s work. Writing it down helps, otherwise I would have procrastinated and put everything in the back burner. Now, what shall I do today? Same ole same ole with some slight variations here and there like wash clothes instead of fold clothes, clean another toilet, etc. 😛

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