I don’t know what you call it but thats what I’ve got.

Symptoms: Cough, sore throat, blocked nose and a red eye with greenish discharge or mucus coming out from the corners of the eye.

This unmerry-go-round started with my girl, who passed it my boy who passed it to me who passed it to my hubby. Round and round we go again!

I’ve been resisting going to the doctor. Nevermind, no fever or body aches and pains. Thats what I told myself. But this stupid red eye bug is extremely relentless and long lasting. Everytime, I thought I was getting better, I start feeling worse again. Especially the throat. So painful!

First it was the right side of the throat, next day ok, then the left side of the throat, next day fine, then both side of the throat painful, next day ok, then the right side of the throat very painful again. AAAAAARGGGH!

Finally, I surrendered and went to see the doctor yesterday who wanted to give me an injection for the pain. Bleargh! I opted for painkillers instead.

Hopefully the medication will make me feel better soon as I still have lots to do. I’m changing the sheets today. The girl puked on her pillow and the boy urinated on his side of the bed.

Right, better go start getting some things do before I start feeling woozy from the medications. Bettttterrrr geettt gooinnng nooooowww…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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