I just finished my course of medications for my cough, sore throat and cold. When I was taking it, I was ok. Had good sleep. Nose was clear, cough was manageable, sore throat gone, had good sleep. I run out of medication today. This morning I woke up and the sore throat is back. Chey!

I changed my bedsheets on Friday. It took 3 rounds of washing over the weekend to clean them all. Last night the girl woke up at 1.30am and coughed non-stop….till she vomitted all over my clean duvet cover. Of course the comforter underneath got all wet and smelly too. Her daddy tried to carry her to the bathroom and that left a trail of vomit on her pyjamas, the floor and the kids playrug at the foot of the bed. The girl cried and rub her vomit all over her face leaving more mess. I was too tired to clean up last night so I did the best that I could and left the pile of sheets at the foot of my bed smelling the sweet smell of vomit throughout the night.

So now its back to a few rounds of washing again. Chey! Plus I have to clean out the floor and the rug. Chey! Looks like I won’t be doing any blog hopping today. Chey!

I’m beggining to sound like a tired old housewife. Yikes! All of my recent posts have been ranting, nagging, complaining posts. And I vowed at one time, never to rant on my blog. I only wanted to fill it with positive, happy things. A fine job I am doing with that! Hahaha. However, I must say that at least I remembered to hug my girl instead of scold her for making such a mess and that is a good thing. 🙂

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