Fish Spa anyone?

The other day, I was window shopping at a shopping complex in KL when I saw a small crowd gathering in front of a window display. Out of curiousity (KPC), I too went over to have a look. I haven’t the time to upload the photo yet so I shall describe it the best I can.

In the window display was a water tank and in it I saw two pairs of feet and lots of little fishes nibbling away at the two pairs of feet! At first I thought it was some new marketing gimmick. You know, sometimes you see magic shows and escape artists doing their act in the water.

But it was no marketing gimmick. Its the latest spa therapy. A designer spa to rejuvenate, relax and beautify. The little fish nibbling at your nerve endings is good apparently. Sorry I can’t give more information because I was too busy chasing after two kids to listen to what the marketing person was saying and by now the brochure they handed me has been torn up by the same two little kids.

Anyway this is not a review so I don’t have to worry about the accuracy. I am just speaking my thoughts. It just shows that we live in a world of added stress leading to more and more people seeking new alternative forms of treatments.

If you are interested in having your feet snacked on by Dr Fish you can check out this NST story link for a more detailed story about the fish spa.

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6 thoughts on “Fish Spa anyone?

  1. My question is where can I buy those fishies?

    Then can come home everyday and have my own fish spa in a tong! 😛

    When you next go to Turkey dat time hor, buy me a bucket of fish oso lah. Thank you.

  2. Husband nibble the toes can ar? But then i oso totally agree with Adrian, buy own fishies…..

    Husband nibble ar. Can can. Hahaha.

  3. We were just talking about it at office the other day. This is in KL Pavillion right? You intending to try it?

    Reminds me of piranahs!!! 🙂

    The fish has no teeth apparently but sucks on your skin. Now it reminds you of leaches? Hahaha.

  4. This is soooo true. Saw it on TV 2 times, once was featured in China, the other Taiwan. I guess it does work….

    But I guess I won’t be trying, I’ll be laugh till I lie dead on the floor, must be really ticklish. *wink*

    Haha. Thats why they say its stress relieving because it’ll make you laugh but not till you drop dead.

  5. I went to this fish spa at Pavillion a few months back. Good experience but def. no 2nd try. I still prefer a good old body massage or a foot reflexology than being pecked by fish!

    Oh, you have tried it?

  6. Have heard about this but have not tried it. You are right, the stress level has increased but when something bad happens, some people are happy making money.

    Most people are happy making money but its not easy to make money. Hehe.

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