The other day I was clearing or doing some housekeeping on my Parenting Times blog when I noticed that I had many posts in draft that I had forgotten to publish! Haha.

When I first started blogging, I just blogged whenever I felt like it. This soon became daily as I got more in touch with addicted to blogging. Then I found that sometimes I had several things (blog posts) to say in a day and none at all for several days. So I started keeping posts in draft to *ahem* space them out. Afterall we blog for the interaction right. Better to have daily posts then to have several posts in a day. Your readers can’t keep up with that.  

Then I started a few more blogs (to make money blogging) so I had to make sure I had things to say everyday. So more drafts. Then I had to make sure I had interim posts between my make money  posts so I had to make sure that I had lots of draft posts to slot in between.

Then the make money posts dried up (but they will be back soon hopefully and I will tell you why in another post.) And all of a sudden, I found that I have quite a few blog posts in draft that I didn’t publish and had forgotten about. Hahaha.

Thats the crazy things that us bloggers do. So when you read a blog, what you read is not what you get. You may only read about something that happened to me last week “today”.  (That is if I forget to change it to “last week”). This wordpress blog has the feature to schedule blog posts to be published when you choose to but I don’t use it. I still prefer to hit “publish” myself when I am around and not when I am away but thats just me.

However, having said this, I am sure some bloggers are not like this. They will genuinely publish only when they write and whenever they write. But those who are like me are those who write a lot and also those who get paid blogging. There are also some who write ahead of time and schedule those posts to be published daily when they are not around but thats not me. Some have unpublished posts because they changed their mind about publishing after writing the post.

What about you? Do you have many unpublished posts in draft?

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