When exercise becomes a pressure


I’ve got to exercise for health reasons. The fact that exercise helps in the beauty department is a bonus. However, I must say that I am obsessed with excercise. Not obsessed in the sense that I MUST do some exercise 2 hours daily (like Madonna) or else…. but rather I am obsessed with the thought that I SHOULD be doing my exercises or else…. Hahaha.

Yup! I am obsessed with exercise. Each day, I feel some pressure about the fact that I am not doing the exercises that I am SUPPOSED to be doing. Exercise should be a way of life, I tell myself. It should be part of my daily routine. At the very minimum all I need is just 20 minutes 3 times a week. But I slack and then I worry myself silly.

I wish that I was motivated to exercise. I admire those who are so strong willed and who have made exercise a part of their lives. I admire those who can get up early in the morning and do exercises as part of their routine before they start the day. I just want to zzzzzzzzzzzz and press the snooze button for the 3rd maybe 4th time…

The other day I was passing by a corner lot shophouse and I was amazed to see a group of people doing some group exercises at about 9.30pm on a weekday. My goodness! Gyms and Yoga or other health and fitness centres are sprouting everywhere. More and more people are becoming aware of the need to exercise to keep healthy. Learn to be healthy in mind and body with a background in healthcare.

Are you obsessed with exercise too? Do you HAVE to exercise or are you WORRIED because you DON’T or you don’t care at all. Which category to you fall under?

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9 thoughts on “When exercise becomes a pressure

  1. I fall into the “I know exercise is important…but I’m not doing it for whatever excuse that comes in handy…” category.

    sometimes, people say I don’t need it. the most common thing people say to me, “you are like skin and bone, you don’t need to burn extra fats, ‘cos I can’t see…”

    pardon them, they didn’t know that you don’t need to look fat to have fats.

    You need not be fat to exercise. Exercise is for health first and losing weight second. 🙂

  2. As we age, NOT exercising is no longer as option. Our heart needs it, our bones need it, we need it to control high cholesterol, high sugar levels etc etc……basically we do it because we want to live long enough and be healthy to see our children grow up if not for any other reason dis wan alone shud motivate us to do it.
    Hehe I act like so smart lidat akcerli i tok nia lar………..

    All talk and no action. Go! Go! Go! Hahaha. So says another all talk and no action person.

  3. I love my exercise actually and if I dont do it for 2 days in a row, I constipate, I feel ill at ease and feel really lousy.

    Guess it is due to my lov for outdoor activities as well….

    Thats great Ann, I envy you.

  4. I AM obsessed with exercise too! Before my pregnancies, I would jog come rain or shine. I even jogged with the brolly when it rained. I cannot tell you how beneficial exercise is to your mind and body!

    Jogged with the brolly! If it rains, I like to be curled up in bed with a book and some hot drink. Hahaha.

  5. I actually love the whole idea of exercise, and I do love a good work out… but between the boys, and chores,and blogging I would be called crazy to go walking or jogging at 3am.

    The other thing I feel is a good and safe exercise is to swim, but no pool near enough for me to go to when the boys are asleep in the day (also sometimes no car).

    My next plan is to get a tread mill… but not sure where to put it and how to keep it safe from the boys, and vice-versa.

    Chores, carrying the kids and playing with them don’t count. Just some sit-ups when I am not too tired after all the rough-housing. hahaha…

    Since I can’t get out of the house to exercise, I exercise at home with some video tapes. Its cheaper than the gym too! Hahaha.

  6. I used to be very obsessed with exercise pre-pregnancy, exercise/jogged/swimmed 7 days a week. But those are all past tense.

    Now, is super lazy. And the weight keep growing. Someone, please give me some motivation please!!

    Swim 7 days a week. Thats really very good. I would be too lazy to do that. Too lazy to wash hair daily. LoL!

  7. i’m a exercise freak! used to go hiking & aerobics almost everyday before giving birth….stopped exercising during my pregnancy and now back to gym after giving birth last oct!
    loved the feeling of sweating….made me feel so good!

    Wow! You’re good. You make me feel so guilty! 😛

  8. exercise is definitely a pressure to me, as i am dying to wait for it to finish or more of seeing the result, hehe…

    Somehow, I never see any results, so it becomes even more of a pressure. Hahaha.

  9. Haiya…exercise..sure got exercise everyday…

    I exercise my lungs everyday by shouting at my kids.
    I exercise my hands by changing nappies, wiping bums and at the same time, guard against any surprise fountains.
    I exercise my ass and thighs by picking up all their toys everyday…

    Where got no exercise? Just different oni! No need gym! 24 hours (esp when our kids are sick!)… that’s our exercise!

    😉 Happy mother’s day!!!!!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too. On Mother’s Day, you should take a break from exercising. Hahaha.

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