I am sure that most Malaysians has heard of the online reality show called Malaysian Dreamgirls. Its coming to an end on 29th April 2008 at the Oval, One Utama. Did you watch any episodes?

I didn’t because I don’t have the time but I did check out the website for a peek. What I did not like about it is that in some of the photos you find the girls dressing in skimpy outfits posing in suggestive and provocative poses. Whatever for? To increase ratings and voting?

Take a look at this photo gallery of the Malaysian Dreamgirls in wardrobe by Women’s Secret. I suppose its to show how the girls look posing in inner wear. However, I find that the photos are too revealing. I don’t mind the girls posing in swimwear for a contest but this looks unnecessary.

Oh well, I must really be getting old or perhaps its just the fact that I have a daughter now. And if my girl was to pose suggestively like that wearing those revealing outfits on an online site, I’d freak out!

I’d like to get some opinion on the men and women on this. Women, what do you think of those poses and outfits. How would you feel if your daughter were to were revealing clothes and pose like that on the internet for a contest? Men, you can come back and comment after you have finished wiping off the saliva from your faces. Would you allow your daughter, girlfriend to take part in the contest?

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