The Maid failed her Medical Tests

The Maid has failed her Medical Tests. She has got TB and has to be sent home immediately.

What does this mean to me? According to the agent, I don’t have to pay anything extra. Yes, sure! But what about the opportunity cost or the cost of interest for the money that I’ve paid upfront to bring the maid into the country?

Now, I have to pick another maid and wait for another 2 months. I’m back to square one! I first made my application at the end of December last year. Its the end of April now. Another 2 months will make it 6 months or half a year of waiting.

My only thought. Why is the process so ridiculous? Why can’t they make sure she passes all her medical tests BEFORE she comes in the country and not AFTER she comes in? Such a waste of time and money for everyone.

All my anxiousness, nervousness and preparation for nothing. We even went out to buy a fan for the maid’s room last weekend.  I need the fan to blow at my face right now.

GERAMNYA! In a flurry of frustrated activity, I cleaned out the bathroom yesterday and squatted down to brush out the dirty bathroom walls and sinks.

The one good thing that has come out of this? At least my bathroom is clean now. *slaps forehead*

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16 thoughts on “The Maid failed her Medical Tests

  1. bcuz no one wants to bear the medical expenses before any employer choose her, that is why check up is done AFTER she is chosen.

    hope u hv luck in the next choice.

    I’m just wondering why checks can’t be done AFTER she is chosen but BEFORE she is brought in.

  2. Did the maid come from Indonesia?
    Here also not easy to find one. Most of them just want to do the works from 7Am till around 12pm. For me, I only use maid for setrika (I hate this job so much!) dan memasak. Hope find anoher one soon.

    Yes, she is from Indonesia. Its very hard to get cheap local help here. Even maids from Indonesia are not cheap but at least more affordable than from the Philipines. I hate setrika too! I don’t hate memasak but I hate the washing up afterwards. Haha.

  3. isn’t medical checkup compulsory? if not, the msian govt ought to do something about it.

    Yes it is compulsory. She failed the mandatory medical checkup.

  4. come she has not gone through a medical check at her home country before she comes? Or maybe their medical test is really unreliable, just like the age on their passport.

    Yes, she was supposed to have taken a medical there but like you say… Now that you’ve mentioned it, the age stated is a joke. Even the agent asked us to not rely on those. Its either marked up or marked down.

  5. can you request for a temporary maid if you really need one?

    Yes, probably but I think its too disruptive for us. Besides doing housework is only part of the reason why we’re getting a maid. If its just for housework alone, I’d rather have a part-timer or not at all.

  6. so sorry to hear that…hopefully your next maid will come ASAP and she is in good health!
    on the brighter side, you’ve got a cleaner bathroom…yay!

    I hope so too. Thanks.

  7. mmmm…can’t you ask for a refund and head to another agent? I got mind in less than a month.. they have those ready maids…. just choose and pay a few hundred more… solve the waiting part. It’s quite silly having to wait 6 months for a maid!

    I was advised told not to take “ready” maids because those are mostly reject maids unless one is really urgent and can’t help it of course. The agent cannot bring in ready maids without an employer so the ready ones are those that have been brought in previously by a past employer but returned to the agent because of mismatched expectations.

  8. MG, my first maid was from Jakarta Indonesia. When she failed to come at the appointed time, I was so angry and made a big fuss to the agent. Thus the agent gave me a replacement for FREE until my maid came in. Depending how much you need a maid, you can actually ask for a replacement or money back (about the opportunity loss).

    Good luck..

    Yes, I am sure a replacement can probably be arranged if we express our unhappiness but that is not what I want. But thats just me la..

  9. Just my wild thoughts…could it be that in the first place, there were no maids available for you yet. Perhaps the agency is having problem getting maids hence, the various excuses and of course when a client is told that a maid is rejected because of medical reasons, the client becomes more “appreciative” of the agency?

    I have no experience with maids agency…so the above is just my wild thoughts. I sure hope you will get a good one soon.

    The process is, we are given a few biodatas to choose from, we pick one, then they bring in the one we pick and do a medical on her before handing her over. I have my own wild thoughts. Haha. They’ve decided to use her for other illegal purposes. Do you know that a maid’s salary is about RM500-Rm570 but an illegal worker at a restaurant is RM1,000-RM1,300. No wonder they run away. They have incentive to do so don’t you think?

  10. emm..sorry to say that but i think your agency is quite lousy and not reliable. I got my maid in about 6 weeks time.

    It is very much depending on where (in indonesia) your agency “source” the maid from. Some sourced from agents in indonesia, some sourced directly from kampung. So for those that from agency, the agency in indonesia would have to do a check for the maid first before flying them over. The cost is bond by the maid (the deduction of their first 6 mths salary). A 2nd check is done in Malaysia. To ensure the quality of the maid, it is better if your agent sourced the maid from bigger agency in Indonesia coz the maids would have gone through trainings and properly selected. Also, they are more choices for them to select if your agent sourced from agency.

    I believe your agency sourced directly themselves. I wonder can you ask for money back and look for another agency. Or you can question them properly how come this thing can happen. I’m just worried if this thing can happen, would the maid’s quality also cannot be trusted in this case…

    Thanks for the info. They have their own training center in Indonesia. The maids in the camp there are sourced from agents or on their own. The local agents there were supposed to have conducted a first medical. This is the second. Its just my bad luck. The usual waiting time would probably be 6 weeks too in normal cases. I applied during the holiday season of Christmas and CNY. Agent told me not to take those that were available at the time as those are the ones that people did not want. She asked me to wait for their new biodata which I did and then this happened.

  11. Oh that totally SUCKS !!! poor you!

    maybe the next one will be better! And thank God at least they found out before sending to you. Else I am not sure…would you have to take care of her in the end? And pay for her medical bills?

    At any rate…better have to wait than more mah fan! Stay cool!!!

    You are so right Ann. The thought of paying for her medical bills is not so scary (we’d have to pay for it anyway) as the thought of bringing someone with an infectious decease into your home with little children around.

  12. so, got to pay again any fee to bring another maid into the country? oh…i hope my maid will pass everything when she comes in in another 2 weeks time. otherwise mati lor once i beranak!

    No extra fee, just extra waiting time. I am sure your luck won’t be as bad as mine. My sis has had many maid over the years and this has never happened to her before. Hahaha.

  13. mmmm… not true my dear, according to my agent, they bring in these maids themselves. My maid was fresh from Indonesia. The moment she arrived, 4 days later… I took her home. Once my 3 months with her is up and I am satisfied, they will then transfer the name of employer to me. My maid is quite good. I think you need to go check out other agents, sometimes, these agencies…they will say anything to protect themselves!!

    Bring in the maid themselves then transfer the names? I was told earlier on when I checked that they do not practise bringing in the maid under their own name but under employer. I guess some agents do that but they informed upfront that they did not. The ones available for transfer are usually brought in by under other employers then rejected for some reason. Anyway, I’ll check again. Thanks.

  14. hey, thanks for dropping by my site. yes, i hope 2 get my mother’s day wish from hubby! 😉

    btw, i’m also new at your blog and read this post. by any chance your agent starts with a P?

    i just applied for a maid too from this agent last month and expecting her to come in by mid June. when u said the maid’s pay is btw 500-570, it jst came 2 my mind coz this is also wht i’m paying with this agent. and ppl hv been telling me why i chose them coz they seem to be quite expensive compared to the rest but i had no choice, i was desperate and our friend recommended them. and i got no time to hunt around for agents.

    it is my 1st time doing this and i hope i wont face any problems whn my maid comes.

    Hi Syn. Its my 1st time too and yes its P. I thought that a bigger one would give me lesser problems. Haha. Did you read my previous post about what to do when the maid arrives? The maid employer experts has given very good pointers for us newbies at hiring maids.

  15. I can never understand this part either – it poses huge risks to our health, you know, coz they bring in viruses and other illnesses from their countries BEFORE the medical tests.

    They are given tests before they enter the country, apparently passed the tests there but failed the second medical test here.

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