Its easy to get thin

I was standing in front of the mirror looking at my auntie arms.

“I’ve put on some more weight. Just look at my arms. So fat!”

My girl was around when I said that and she replied.

“Mummy, its very easy to get thin you know. Just wear something around your waist. Its orange in color. I saw it!”

Hahaha. Now, if only it was that easy. There wouldn’t be any fat people in this world.

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  1. Ann says:

    ya….if only the orange thing can make all the fat go *spoof*…..what wonder that will be!

    We all want one orange thing too don’t we? Hehe.

  2. andrewjune says:

    it’s easier to put on weight than losing them!
    i wonder what “ornage thing” your son refers to? *blur blur*

    She must have seen one of those slimming ads where the model wheres one of those vibrating belts. 😛

  3. sting says:

    so innocent 🙂 sorry to hear about the maid issue or should I say no-maid issue.. well, at least they found it before they send her to your home..

    Yes, I’m thankful that they didn’t pretend that she passed the medical and sent her to my house.

  4. sasha says:

    the orange colour thing that wrap around the waist. Wrap around edi can shake shake and loose fats wan izit?

    Okay tomorrow i will wear orange fron top to bottom . see if i can hide my bump or not heheh

    So… did you dress all in orange today? Hehe.

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