Yup! These things can only happen to me. The first time I want to hire a maid, she fails her medical and gets sent back.

Now, the first time I use a cash deposit machine. It eats up my money!

I had keyed in my account number, slipped in my dollar notes and then a message came on, something about a mechanical error and next thing I knew, the machine read “This machine is out of service.” OMG! Its not a cash deposit machine. Its a money guzzling monster and it ate my money!

There was no bank staff or even a guard around who could help. Fortunately there was a good samaritan using the next machine who looked for the bank’s telephone number on her receipt slip and gave that to me to call. So sweet of her. She could have just “pretend dunno” and walked out but she didn’t. There are still nice people around. 🙂

It was Sunday evening but the number was a customer service number so fortunately there was someone who could take my call. The customer rept told me that she would do up a report for me and send that to her HQ. Later on when the bank branch does the reconciliation with the HQ they would be able to trace the transaction and credit the money into my account if there is no discrepancy. I gave them my location, time of banking, amount, account number and some other verication of identity. I was told it will take 3-7 days for the issue to be resolved. Phew! Hopefully there is no discrepancy and thank goodness I didn’t kick the machine. Hahaha.

So, the next time if the same thing happens to you, take note of the time and call the bank immediately so they can trace your money back to you. 

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