My piano lessons

Time flies. Its almost a year now since I started taking my adult pop piano classes. “How come  you’re still not playing any pop songs?” asks my husband. 

Well, I’m trying to learn Mariah Carey’s Hero now so he should recognise that one. I am happy to be able to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Baby Elephant Walk now.

My playing is not fantastic. Its offbeat, and does not have enough “feel” (I’m just playing notes and it doesn’t sound melodious or like a song.) Still to be able to play is an achievement enough for me. I’ll work on the “feel” slowly.

And sometimes, I’m lazy. I’d try to guess the notes instead of looking at them properly and I play on my own beat. My teacher would laugh at me. “You ar… just simply play.” she would say. 😛

Its wonderful to be able to realise a dream. Simply wonderful. You are never too old to start learning anything. I wonder what I should learn next. Yes, yes, I’d love to be able to bake but then I don’t have an oven nor the space for one. 😛

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  1. cloudsters says:

    Bravo! We both studied the piano to a fairly high level in our young(er) days, but only one of us (the wife) has kept up. The other (the husband) stopped playing for several years and is now reduced to pitifully scraping his way along the ivories when reading music.

    Haha. I never got a chance to learn the piano when I was young. I learned the organ which was cheaper and bought on hire purchase for many years (poor dad) so I can read music but playing the organ is very very different from the piano.

  2. Alex says:

    keep it up! a year’s learning might not be enough to play pop songs yet… but if you’re a fast learner, then why not? 🙂

    i never got the chance to learn piano (which was a big disadvantage) especially when it comes to my violin exams. now im thinking if i shud learn saxaphone (im 22 this year), but my violin’s still my #1 instrument

    Alex, Thats fantastic. You should learn the saxaphone if you can. At 22, you have a long way to go to master it. I’m 42. 🙂 And oh the piano goes so well with violin. Once I heard a couple play this combination. It was so beautiful!

  3. Ann says:

    GOOD FOR YOU !!! It is good to have a dream. Better still to work at it becoming a reality.

    My husband helped me realise that dream by buying me the piano, signing up for classes for me and fetching me there every week. 🙂

  4. miche says:

    really well done! as for me…super lazy to learn new things.

    If you’re really keen on something than you won’t be lazy otherwise I oso lazy. Hehe.

  5. sting says:

    you are NOT lazy… it takes a lot of commitment and courage (with your fellow students mostly kids!) to get an adult to start learning things again! and those two songs are definitely not easy to play! Kudos!

    Thank you. Thank you. 🙂

  6. mott says:

    WAHHH..I love the Baby Elephant Walk song!!! I remember playing it very often when I was a kid!

    Err…are your kids going to pick up piano lessons since you have a piano? or have they? sorry…i hvn’t updated myself..

    No, I started ahead of them. Hehe.

  7. Moomykin says:

    Wow! Congrats! Well done on that.
    Me, dreams of playing the piano too, but now no time to think of that. Maybe when my kids start school…

    Baking also on the same note. I am in the same state as you. Lol!

    Haha. *Shakes hands*

  8. SAHM says:

    You are great. I wanna learn too, but just never found the time to do it. MY FIL started piano lessons at 60 and is now playing the equivalent of a grade 1.

    Your FIL is great!

  9. Syn says:

    wow, i envy u for realising this dream. i stopped at grade 3 when i was very young and i wish can play again. but the thing is, i don’t hv the time now and will probably see my kids learning the piano instead of me.

    it’s good that ur enjoying it…don’t give up yea. keep on playing!

    You could always learn together with your kids. Hehe.

  10. JoMel says:

    You have such a wonderful husband who helped you realise your dream. Actually I too had this fantasy of being able to play the piano really well…

    Anyway, now my elder girl is learning piano, so far she seems to be enjoying it immensely. Problem is I have not bought her a piano yet so she is hugely lacking in practice.

    May I know what piano are you using? I haven’t got a clue what to buy! Some say digital piano are good too, despite not near perfect like the acoustic ones.

    The digital ones are great this days but there is nothing like the real thing. Hehe. Mine is a Yamaha upright one.

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