May is a very busy month for me. I’ve been so busy, my last blog post was last week. Unthinkable! Hahaha. There is a backlog of blog posts in my head. Funny. Whenever I am busy I will have lots to blog about and no time to blog it. Then when I have a bit more time to blog, I write nonsense because there is less to blog about. Its a chicken and egg situation.

I’ve been so busy, not only my blog has been neglected, my house has been too. Neglected to the point that the other day we discovered a rat in our kitchen! Horror of horrors! It was so horrible but I will write about that in another post. No time today. I’ve got to clean house.

Speaking of cleaning house, this middle aged aunty had her 5 minutes of limelight the other day. Thanks to Sheila Rahman, consultant of the new Malay Mail, lil’ ole me was featured in the BlogSpot page in the Malay Mail on Tuesday May 20, 2008. I was bursting with pride to see my avatar and graphics of my three blogs put side by side plus a 3 quarter page write up. Probably the only other time I had my 5 minutes of fame was on my wedding day! Hahaha.

I proudly showed my husband my blogging milestone ie the Malay Mail page which was online. I can’t link it since the Malay Mail is updated daily. You’ll have to look for the print version if you want to read more about me. *wink wink* or you can view the .jpg picture here. You’ll need a microscope for that though. 😉

Later on when we were out hubby asked me to buy the papers for him. I was so happy that he remembered to ask me to buy the print version so I could keep it for keepsakes but then he asked me “Eh, how come you bought the Malay Mail? You were supposed to buy the Star for me.” Hehehe. There goes my 5 minutes of fame and glory. Lol! Now that my feet is firmly planted on the ground again, its time to think about what housewives are supposed to think about ie… housework.

I really must stop writing now as my house has been grossly neglected. So I’m skipping off to do my house cleaning now. Theres the toilets to clean, the floors, the laundry and I promised my girl that I will make more flowers for her teachers. There will be no time to bloghop yet (Boo Hoo Hoo. Been missing out for a week, so much to catch up on.) and I will have to write about the rat in my kitchen another day.

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