Time flies when you’re busy and I’ve been so busy I almost forgot that my birthday is coming soon. Its on the same day as Father’s Day so the man and I had to haggle for treats. “We both want to be pampered on that day. How?” he asks. “We’ll contra or do a setoff then.” I replied. Hey! But come to think of it. Thats not fair because every year my birthday falls around Father’s Day!

Having a birthday in June wasn’t very fun for me when I was in school. It was always right smack in the middle of examinations. I never had the birthday mood then. Another thing about my birthday is once I passed the age of 21, I can never remember which birthday it is I am celebrating. Usually I have to take my year of birth and count forward. Hahaha.

Its no different this year. My year of birth is 1966. *calculate calculate calculate* Walaueh! Thats ancient man. But the funny thing is the older I get the younger I feel. Accept for the body of course. The mind can play games but the body cannot lie. It shows its age and the mechanism slows down too. All sorts of health problems will start to crop up. Thats when the years of not taking care of oneself really starts to show.

Speaking of which, I better go and oil the machinery now by doing some exercises. I just bought some new exercise tapes to motivate myself. So off I go!

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