Last weekend we bought plants for our home. I’ve always felt that our home was incomplete without plants. The previous owner had tiled up the entire front porch and cemented the whole backyard. Not wanting to spend too much on renovations, we didn’t change a thing. So that meant that we did not even have a little patch of green. I’ve always imagined that a house should have a small patch of green grass so you can do some gardening.

We’ve moved in for almost 1 1/2 years now but still no greens. Finally we got some plants. Yeah! We didn’t get many but I tried to get as many varieties as I could in the few that we got. So we got little ones, medium ones, leavy ones and flowery ones, green leafed ones and red leafed ones, big leafed ones and small leafed ones. So many varieties in so few plants. Haha. Like Rojak like that.

Still I am pleased with my new mini garden. We bought the kids watering cans so they are naturally pleased too. Hopefully the plants will stay lush and beautiful as it is now and not yellowed and wilted a month later. 😛

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