Whats on my mind today?

Apart from the usual “What to cook today?”, I also have the following on my mind….

  1. What to ask my doctor on my upcoming doc visit
  2. Chinese School…National School….Chinese School….National School (since we have just one more month to decide)
  3. How to tell my maid that I have epilepsy and teach her what to do in case of a seizure without frightening her and make her think that I am bad, possessed or that its contagious. Now thats a tough one. I’ve got some reading materials in Malay etc but I still won’t know her reaction.
  4. This one I need some help with. We’re thinking of taking the kids to Genting for the first time but we haven’t been there ourselves for ages so we don’t know where to stay or what’s nice for kids aged 4 and 6. Any suggestions anyone?

Hmm… I thought I had more thoughts than this. Anyway, writing things down always help. This way my thoughts can be more structured. Otherwise, my mind will be in a blur jumping from one unresolved issue to another.

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11 thoughts on “Whats on my mind today?

  1. u registered her last year already kan? We struggled with the Chinese school vs. National school thing. MIL was keen on them going to chinese school cos “we wouldnt meet less undesirable elements there” (rolls eyes). Anyway, we decided against chinese school cos I think our kids would be crushed, personality wise. As for govt school, well, I think balancing it all at home would help a bunch 🙂 The nearest school to us is govt school and it’s morning session. So that’s what we;ve decided. By beginning august, we can go to the registered school to check on whether we got it or not.

    My best mate from uni was epileptic. Learnt a lot on what to do etc.

    As for genting, there are rides etc from what I understand. I haven’t been there in eons. Don’t feel like going till kids are older LOL Want to go Singapore first to explore 😀


    HAve fun!!!

    Lia, Thanks a bunch for your info. I just received the letter from the Education Ministry yesterday placing my girl in a school not of our choice so we’ll have to appeal. I think you probably should be receiving your letter anytime now too.

  2. my take, chinese school.
    reason..very long. maybe will blog it for u one day…:)

    Hope your one day will be soon as I will be making my appeal soon. Hehe.

  3. i am from a chinese school and i dont see any advantages, if you ask me. I forgot most of the characters, save for what i see daily at hawker stalls.

    Genting, we have always prefered Theme Park Hotel. Its older but its really really near to the Theme Park. to go to the indoor theme park, you can walk along the skyway corridors and you wont get cold. Freaky me always bring along sleeping bags for the kids cos I hates them sleeping on dubious mattress. Us adults, never mind lar. First World, I would avoid at all costs. REally teeny weeny space.

    Oh Gosh, I hadn’t thought about dubious mattresses before now I can’t stop thinking about them. hahaha.

  4. Mg, pls hop over .:)

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Its good to read your perspective. Can’t wait to read what you have to share about adjusting to a new environment when you entered private school. Have I said thank you? Hehe.

  5. as for me, i’d choose chinese school. Let children have the advantage of learning an important language (mandarin). where to stay in genting? the cheapest and most popular hotel now is The First World Hotel. just a room for the night, right? y need to pay so much….if for relaxation wise, maybe you do need a luxury room then.

    I think usually, you go there with the kids to play not to relax. Hahaha.

  6. Reckon there are many national schools these days too that have mandarin classes extra.

    I think I may not send to Mandarin school since I don’t know how to read in manadarin and that might hamper me from helping my kids with their homework!

    Go for the Genting Theme Park definitely.

    As for epileptic, yeah, hope you get to tell her soon. When my friend got a mild seizure, it scared me so much that even now I get so scared when i see her not moving! maybe show her a video or something so that she can ‘see’ the true picture!

    Ann, yes, its very scary to watch isn’t it? You get scared when you see her not moving? You should be more scared when you see her convulsing. 😉 I’ve spoken to the maid and given her a Malay pamphlet to read and explaining the pamphlet to her word for word, just in case she can’t read that well or don’t understand its contents as it contains some medical terms. She says she has seen some people at the camp having seizures and its very scary. I explained to her that its not contagious, and I’m not possessed or “mental”. I told her its under control with medication and hopefully it won’t happen but in case it does, I taught her what she should do. Hopefully that settles.

    Thats what I thought about the Mandarin too and besides I don’t like the Chinese School culture but it seems such a waste to not allow them this opportunity to learn Mandarin.

  7. make it short and to the point when you explain the epilepsi to her, and make sure she understand about it. I don’t know how educated your maid is, but you need to ask her about what she has read, juz to check whether she understands or not? Indonesian language is different from Malay. In Indonesia they call epilepsi is “sakit ayan”. Since I am not Malaysian I don’t know how to say it in Malay, hehehe…

    re genting, was told that indoor themepark is better for small children.

    Its called Sawan here, I think. I sat her down, gave her a Malay leaflet to read or rather read and explained the contents to her. She said that she had seen someone having a seizure at the camp and it looked scary. So I assured her that I am not mental. Hahaha.

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