Ever since the maid arrived, I’ve lost 3 pounds. No, no, not from worries.

The reason is because we eat out less. When eating out, I just can’t help pigging out. Somehow food always tastes nicer when you’re not the one cooking it. Food presentation also matters to me. Food thats nicely presented like in a restaurant, appealsร‚ย more to me causing me to wallop up the food. Yum! Gulp! *guilty afterwards*

However since the maid arrived, we’ve started eating out less. Its more economical and healthier that way. Thats one of the reasons we have a maid anyway. So we can eat more healthy home cooked food.

At home, I cook and the maid cleans up. Like I said, food always tastes better when someone else cooks it. Thats one step towards my diet plan. Second, when I do the cooking, I usually choose to cook my family and my favourite foods. In addition, I’ll cook up a big wok of vegetables so that I can do my Double It Half It Diet.

Thats my own diet regime by the way. What I do is I Double the servings of vegetables and Half the serving of rice. It works everytime. Thats how I lost 20 pounds last time but then I stagnated after a while. Also, I’m trying to make sure that the maid gets enough food so I put more food on her plate than mine. lol!

I’m happy that I have managed to lose 3 pounds so far. Thanks to homecooking! And thanks to my very own Double It Half It Diet plan. Yeah! (Perhaps I should patent this diet plan!)

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