The Double It Half It Diet


Ever since the maid arrived, I’ve lost 3 pounds. No, no, not from worries.

The reason is because we eat out less. When eating out, I just can’t help pigging out. Somehow food always tastes nicer when you’re not the one cooking it. Food presentation also matters to me. Food thats nicely presented like in a restaurant, appeals more to me causing me to wallop up the food. Yum! Gulp! *guilty afterwards*

However since the maid arrived, we’ve started eating out less. Its more economical and healthier that way. Thats one of the reasons we have a maid anyway. So we can eat more healthy home cooked food.

At home, I cook and the maid cleans up. Like I said, food always tastes better when someone else cooks it. Thats one step towards my diet plan. Second, when I do the cooking, I usually choose to cook my family and my favourite foods. In addition, I’ll cook up a big wok of vegetables so that I can do my Double It Half It Diet.

Thats my own diet regime by the way. What I do is I Double the servings of vegetables and Half the serving of rice. It works everytime. Thats how I lost 20 pounds last time but then I stagnated after a while. Also, I’m trying to make sure that the maid gets enough food so I put more food on her plate than mine. lol!

I’m happy that I have managed to lose 3 pounds so far. Thanks to homecooking! And thanks to my very own Double It Half It Diet plan. Yeah! (Perhaps I should patent this diet plan!)

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10 thoughts on “The Double It Half It Diet

  1. Of course, you’re lucky your maid is a decent cook… or did you put her through a crash course, half the usual time, but she emerges twice as good!

    She doesn’t cook. I cook. But I enjoy it and cooking is so much more fun when you don’t have to wash up afterwards. 🙂

  2. I am a strong believer of Double-It-Half-It Diet. Once upon a time I used to blend juice out of 5 different mixture of fruits and vegetables and drink the juice for lunch. I managed to increase my daily fiber intake thus reducing my cravings for carbs. I was really determined then, taking only steamed fish or boiled vegetables and keeping track of calories.

    Well, that was once upon a time before I fell off the wagon. Now I am on a see-food diet – eat whatever food that you see.

    I think it’s hightime to start my weight management programme again. Why? Just the other day someone asked whether I am expecting.

    Haha. Did that someone end up with a black eye courtesy of blurqueen?

  3. I double the serving of veggie and don’t take rice at all. Rice (and carbo) is really the culprit to weight probs. Ever since I cut out rice from my diet, I can maintain my weight.

    Yes, when I cut rice, there is a noticeable difference.

  4. yes, it worked for me the last time.i cant resist food, u eat i eat, u eat and i eat too when not hungry. but i was successful with two tbsp of rice, but lots of meat and vege. no fried food as well. i lost the unwanted fat i wanted!
    hmm..i must be more persistant nowadays.

    Really have to be persistant one, otherwise….. keep on staring at the scales which won’t move!

  5. Wow, congrat on your new brand weight, MG!
    Keep on living in healthy way, no matter what! 🙂

    Henny, thank you for your words of encouragement. Now, I have to work hard on my exercise regime too so that I won’t end up looking haggard. You know when you’re past a certain age, sometimes losing weight makes you look haggard instead of good. Hehe.

  6. Oh…good for you!!! Keep it up, keep it up!

    now if only I can keep away from that ice cream and choc chip cookies, reckon I could loose a few pounds too!

    My kids have been sick for close to 3 weeks. So no ice cream for them means no ice cream for me too. Haha.

  7. I lost weight too after cutting out on the carbs and increase in veggies! So envy that u can have home cook food everyday, as you always control the ingredient of the food. I don’t have such luxury!

    Yes, I used to eat out quite often too. Nothing like home cooked food, yes?

  8. How i wish i can hv determine to control not to have too much rice. When i’m hungry i tend to eat more rice :(, and sometime if few days didn’t eat rice, i will miss rice too. 🙁

    Haha. You are one of those “fan tong” (Rice Container). 😉

  9. true, when you are the one cooking it, you don’t feel like eating after all the cooking. But that being said, I still can’t lose any weight, cos I pig out on other food, cookies etc, after losing apetite on all the cooking. ha ha

    Haha. Thats true. I must eliminate all cookies from the house from now. Another thing, I’m the kids tong sampah. Whatever they can’t finish goes into me. Thats another problem. Lol!

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