Teatime treats

I’m happy that I was able to make pancakes and french toast for the kids for tea the past two days. Its a small thing to be happy about but I’m still happy. Usually the kids just eat biscuits and bread cos’ I’m lazy. Haha. Well, actually, I don’t cook using open fire when I’m alone so it does help that I have someone around, not just for cleaning up. 🙂

The kids enjoyed the pancakes and the french toast which they helped to make. My girl would have cooking class in school which she enjoys. Oh no, the kids at kindy don’t really cook but they help to count the number of spoons of sugar etc that is required in the ingredients when they watch their teachers cook. Its a great way to learn.

Every week she would bring back agar-agar (jellies), sandwiches, sweet potato balls, and other local treats that they made in school. She really enjoys these “cooking” lessons so I try to let them help out in the kitchen whenever I can as it is a good way for them to learn.

I wish I could bake or at least have an oven to try baking. Can anyone recommend a good little oven? :) 

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  1. Kopi Soh says:

    If someone lehkomen a good lil oven, dun forget to bake my overdue buffday cake ya 😛

    OMG! I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Since I’m already late hor, I just wish you Happy Birthday here and won’t bother to send you one of em silly e-cards can anot? Muahahahaha.

  2. blurqueen says:

    I think cooking/baking is a great way to bond with people. Why don’t you consider getting a standard size oven? There are a lot more that you can do with a standard size oven. Aside from bonding with your children, you can also impress your spouse’s co-workers or relatives with your culinary skill.

    What I can see from my part of the world, Fagor Electrolux manufacture decent ovens and if there is anything wrong, the support is there. I prefer convection oven to microwave oven.

    Imagine making your kids’ own birthday cakes or muffins for their afternoon tea party….It will be so much fun!

    Yes, it’ll be so much fun. But I really don’t know where to begin. Its seems like a big task to me. I don’t have any stirrer or whatever it is you call it etc and other tools. Hehe.

  3. wen says:

    there are many good ovens out there with well known brands. but it also depends on ur budget…

    I talk oni. At the end of the day, I’d probably run to the store to buy a cake instead of an oven. Hahaha.

  4. henny says:

    sometimes to make cookies/cakes (if you REALLY want)we don’t need oven, my dear..
    I have a no need baking recipe for cookies and cheese cake. Do you want it? I’ll send by your email if you wish 🙂

    Oh, would you? That would be nice. 🙂

  5. lia says:

    I got an all in one jobthe Samsung convection oven. Microwave/oven/sgrille etc all in one.

    It was such a blessing. It’s a bit expensive ()it was around RM1k) but its heavily used 🙂 And it has an auto menu where you can key in weight of the chicken wings or roast or something and it works out the time etc and temp and masak for you.

    I love mine 🙂

    Well, I have a convection oven too. I tried to grill chicken wings with it but it turned out undercooked and not very nice at all. Now, I just use it for defrosting and ever since I attended a talk about how unhealthy microwave oven cooking is and how one shouldn’t even have one in the house, I lagi takut to use adi! Haha.

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