Does anyone know of a good home remedy for cough and phelgm?

I’m having this nasty cough that just won’t go away for 3-4 weeks now. Its disturbing my sleep.

I’m always confused about the Chinese believe of heaty vs cooling. There is supposed to be two types of coughs, the heaty type or the “cold” type. So when do you know what type you have and whether you should drink “leong cha” (cooling herbal drinks) to cool down your heaty body or when should you apply it the other way to balance your cold body?

I never know when to do what. Some doctors will tell me to stay off cooling drinks and fruits, some ask me to drink more “leong cha” whereas some brush this off as utter nonsense.

Some say you should take a course of antibiotics whereas some say you should avoid antibiotics if you can since antibiotics will not help a viral infection. Some prescribe antibiotics anyway, just in case it is a bacterial infection because they can’t tell what it is. The last doc I went to see told me this. “It will take too much time to take samples to the lab to decide if yours is a viral infection by which time you would have healed if you take this antibiotics just in case its a bacterial infection.”

So what am I to do? Its all very confusing. So if mine is a “cold” cough and I take “leong cha” I would actually be making it worse, not better. Hmm…. so how?

What do you know about coughs, phelgm and sputum? Do you know of any good  and simple home remedies? What foods should we avoid and what foods should we take that’ll help? Do you understand the cooling and heaty concept? Do you even believe in it? Care to share?

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