It rained this year on Mooncake Festival

The kids had been waiting for this event all week. We had got their paper lanterns ready, the candles were there, ready to be lit. They even went to nap in the afternoon like good little children because they wanted to wake up fresh to play lanterns.

And then……… it rained. We had wanted to take them to the park like last year but it was wet and still drizzling after dinner. So we went to pump petrol and the petrol station instead.

So, I decided to call second sis to ask if it was drizzling at her place. It was too but she had the space in her house to play lanterns and she had some of her in-laws with little kids there. She said she had wanted to call me too but wasn’t sure whether we could make it last minute. That was great. “I’m on my way” I said.

And thats how I gate crashed a lantern festival party. Eventually my second bro turned up with his kid too. So the kids had a delightful time playing lantern with other kids despite the drizzle. And I ate too much mooncake again. Burp!

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  1. Penny says:

    Well it sounds like it turned out well after all…kids got to play lantern and the tummies got well fed! 😉

    Yes, sometimes it pays to be thick skinned. Hahaha.

  2. Elaine says:

    This year we didn’t celebrate at all. I didn’t even prepare lantern and candles for the kids. So kesian. But we have loads of mooncakes and the grandparents bought those battery operate lantern for the kids (but it’s not the same like playing paper lantern!!!). Next year, will sure let the kids to have fun like the previous years.

    Well, at least you had mooncakes and lanterns, even if its those battery operated ones, better than nothing. Hehe.

  3. Moomykin says:

    Nice family affair!

    We were at the airport seeing someone off.

    So we saw planes and trains instead of lanterns and the moon.

    Haha. Planes and trains are just as exciting to the kids, I am sure.

  4. michelle says:

    It didn’t rain here. However it rained the day before when my family went around the taman with the lantern. 🙁

    I was wishing I had picked Saturday instead because it didn’t rain on Sat for us.

  5. FamilyFirst says:

    Oh yes! It was raining cats & dogs at my place. We had to attend a little party too at my friends place and hope my Bryan would enjoy his real first lantern party .. thank god the rain stopped after dinner.

    Thank goodness. So its cool and breezy but a little wet. 🙂

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