Its coming towards the last quarter of the year. A very busy time. The girl has all sorts of activities. She is going to be one of the emcees in her kindy concert and its a tough act. There are 5 pages to memorise and she’s got to speak in English, Malay and Chinese together with the other little emcees. The words they are using are big big bombastic words. Some of them are really hard to pronounce. I think they would sound more natural using plain simple language but no, I suppose the kindy wants to show off what a great vocabulary the kids have trilingually. So its tough.

Then theres the piano concert. I’ve got a solo piece and a duet piece with the girl. More practise. Plus theres her year end assessment at the kindy too but I’ll leave that to the teachers.

Oh and I must not forget about the poor boy. He feels left out in all our practises. The other day when I went to see the paed because we were all sick again, she wanted to refer us to a psychologist (to find out if he is dyslexic) because of his mirror image writing and because he can’t read very well yet. We decided that we should wait for another 6 months to see his progress.

That means I must spend more time with him now. He’s been sorely neglected. Its only 2 months to the year end school holidays. That means I can only have 2 months of one to one time with him in the mornings. I better utilise that time to teach him.

I’ve been meaning to do that for the whole year now but it hasn’t materialised. Bad momma. How quickly the time has passed.

Next year the girl will be entering primary school and the boy entering kindy. Gotta prepare them both for it and myself too. Again the girl has extra practise learning to read Chinese at home with me. I’ve got to spend more time with the boy!

And then I’ve got to work on losing those 5 pounds I gained and more.

What does that mean? Less time for momma of course. Less time blog hopping. So if you don’t see me on your blogs, its because I have to force myself to press “Mark all as read” on my feedreader. Sob. Sob. Thats very hard to do. (for a self confessed blogaholic).

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