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Its coming towards the last quarter of the year. A very busy time. The girl has all sorts of activities. She is going to be one of the emcees in her kindy concert and its a tough act. There are 5 pages to memorise and she’s got to speak in English, Malay and Chinese together with the other little emcees. The words they are using are big big bombastic words. Some of them are really hard to pronounce. I think they would sound more natural using plain simple language but no, I suppose the kindy wants to show off what a great vocabulary the kids have trilingually. So its tough.

Then theres the piano concert. I’ve got a solo piece and a duet piece with the girl. More practise. Plus theres her year end assessment at the kindy too but I’ll leave that to the teachers.

Oh and I must not forget about the poor boy. He feels left out in all our practises. The other day when I went to see the paed because we were all sick again, she wanted to refer us to a psychologist (to find out if he is dyslexic) because of his mirror image writing and because he can’t read very well yet. We decided that we should wait for another 6 months to see his progress.

That means I must spend more time with him now. He’s been sorely neglected. Its only 2 months to the year end school holidays. That means I can only have 2 months of one to one time with him in the mornings. I better utilise that time to teach him.

I’ve been meaning to do that for the whole year now but it hasn’t materialised. Bad momma. How quickly the time has passed.

Next year the girl will be entering primary school and the boy entering kindy. Gotta prepare them both for it and myself too. Again the girl has extra practise learning to read Chinese at home with me. I’ve got to spend more time with the boy!

And then I’ve got to work on losing those 5 pounds I gained and more.

What does that mean? Less time for momma of course. Less time blog hopping. So if you don’t see me on your blogs, its because I have to force myself to press “Mark all as read” on my feedreader. Sob. Sob. Thats very hard to do. (for a self confessed blogaholic).

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14 thoughts on “Mark all as read

  1. Haha, I can understand how hard that would be, from one blogger to another…but it’s well worth it! So enjoy your quality time and all the blogs will still be here for you when you find the time to return to us 🙂

    Its very very hard. Hahaha.

  2. Even though a full time mum, it’s never been easy taking care the family. Sometimes i feel that we the working ones are the one who has the luxury to surf net “undisturbed” – when no urgent job lar.

    Dun worry bout the blogs, they can wait. I have recently cut down blogs I read too. I find that time past very fast unconsciously when we read blogs.

    I’ve already cut down some but have to cut down some more. Hehe.

  3. hehe…I have been doing that “Mark all as read” for the past 3 weeks (when I got the internet access!!)

    Eh…my boy also not reading AT ALL yet and certainly not writing. Some said boys are slower especially if they are not the eldest. So no need to worry la

    Yah loh, I guess boys are slower than girls. 🙂

  4. Actually, my No.1 also had mirror writing. I spoke to a teacher about it, she said, when they are still young (he was about 4), their two brains (left n right) are still deciding which one is more dominant.

    Then this all sorted out by itself. Somehow. And only this year, his reading skills exploded. He’s almost 6 now. worries.

    Plus…this slackr mama didn’t do nuts to help him. So bad huh….heee heee heee…Like I always say, all kids develop differently…esp. boys. (then again, it’s just an excuse I like to use…HEE HEE HEE!!)

    We mommies are good at coming up with excuses. hehe.

  5. Give him some time…but if you really need to have him evaluated by a psychologist, let me know. My cousin is a child psychologist in KL.

    Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

  6. Oh, first time I am hearing about mirror writing!

    And ya, as mummies, we always try to spend as much time as we can with our kids and help them as much as we can. I only have one and I find him a handful when he is awake. Must be tougher with 2 splitting your patience and time with them….

    You will need some recuperating time and a “Mark all as Read” once in a while.

    Take care.

    I’ve wrote about his mirror image writing in more detail on my other blog before. This blog is more for me. The other blog for my kids so usually I write stuff about them on my Parenting Times blog.

  7. You’re right, give him some more time. How old is he, MG? My son did the same until he got 5 last July, and it seems quite good progress with his writing at this moment.

    About daughter and mom home concert…, don’t forget to recording – that’s your hubby’s job. t’s very interesting and fun to play it again over and over at home. Believe me.

    Btw, I think your school term there start every jan till Dec? Different then from us..

    About your weight…well, that’s the hardest job eh? haha…

    You are right, the weight part is the hardest job of them all. Hahaha.

  8. Kids nowadays are facing with so much activites and challenges until we as the parents also got stressed out. Every parents are so kiasu now. I’m learning to be kiasu also. Bad huh?

    I consider myself very not kiausu already. I sent my girl to kindy for the first time at age 6. Before that she just stayed home with me. No play dates or nurseries or Sunday school or whatever. And she does not have any other activities acccept piano which she loves. No dancing, swimming, tae kwan do, whatever cos I don’t believe in loading the kids with too much activities. It’ll stress them up.

  9. My older son who is 5 this year, has this mirror image problem (b and d, p and q, 3) and i raised it up with his teacher early this year. I asked them if it is a problem (since I know it is one of the symptoms of dyslexia) or it is part of his learning process. They say it is still common for child his age and we just have to remind them. Now, he is 95% okay and will only make the mistake occasionally.

    So just keep reminding him and see how he progress. So give him a little more time. You can speak to his kindy teacher next year when he starts school. They would be able to tell you if it is a problem or it is just a phase that the child go through.

    Mine writes backwards for Nos 2,3,4,5,7,9,10 (ie 0 comes first before 1) and for alphabets B, C, D, J, P, R especially. Sometimes he writes from right to left too. But he’s learning to write the other way around. Sometimes, he’ll stop and ask me “Is it this way?”

  10. My daughter is also doing mirror writing. She is 3 and I read that it is pretty common for children below primary 2. So, you probably don’t have to worry so much about it now.

    With all that focuses and commitments, I’m sure loosing the extra pounds wouldn’t be a big issue. The important thing is keep yourself healthy 🙂

    Yes, I read that it is pretty common and I think he’s improving, which is why when the paed wanted to refer to a psychologist she saw that we weren’t keen so she said ok why not wait 6 months first. My son is 4 1/2 by the way.

  11. Is it a tendency for mummies to less care for the number 2, 3, 4??? i read in most blogs that they pay attention to their number 1? just because they are number 1???

    i think u r doing well….. no worries la.
    look at me, working around the clock, less time with philip compared to U…hahaahhaha full time at home !! bleah..

    have a good weekend

    Its true that as a family ages, you have less and less time for your second born etc not due to unfairness but due to lack of time. Read this interesting article from the Washington Post: Quality Time seems stacked in favor of firstborns.

  12. Hang in there my dear, hang in there, do what u must for your family but remember the most important person – YOU!! Dun forget abt yourself k? Hugsssssss, you are one great mom, daughter, wife and a fantastic friend, I can’t even hold one candle to what u do.

    Aiyoyo fren. You are too generous with your words!

  13. i’m also marking all the posts as mark all as read too.No time!

    You mark mine as read. I mark yours as read. So we’re even. Hehe. Actually, I still read you, only I dun comment loh.

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