I finally baked something: A steamed banana cake

My girl had been bugging me for ages to bake something together with her. But I don’t have an oven, no mixer, no measuring cups etc.

So, I was happy to try out this simple steam banana cake recipe that other bloggers had tried successfully. All I needed to get was a baking pan. Hahaha.

And so armed with the pan, I got the kids to mix the ingredients together, then we put it in our wok to steam. It turned out ok. Its very simple to prepare. We didn’t even need a hand held whisk which we don’t even have. All we needed was a fork and spoon to mix the ingredients together.

Encouraged by our success we decided to make another one the next day. Our pan was a little to big for the steamed banana cake recipe so we mixed two bowls so that each kid could mix his/her own cake. I substituted the girl’s cake with strawberry jam instead of mashed bananas.

When they were done mixing, we put everything together into the pan, one side for the banana mixture and another side for the strawberry mixture. It turned out lovely. A two colour cake. However, I must say that the banana side was much more fragrant than the strawberry one.

What did I enjoy most about baking?  The kids enjoying themselves mixing the ingredients and being fascinated by the end results which looks so different from their cake mixture. And they enjoyed the cake too. They had 3 pieces each! 🙂

Baking is a wonderful activity to do with the kids. They learn Maths when counting in the ingredients and a little bit of Science just by comparing how different the cake looks before and after. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “I finally baked something: A steamed banana cake

  1. Maybe I should try cos my boy asked me to bake a cake for him. But I wonder when I’ll want to do it…

    Tell him that you won’t be baking a cake for him but he’ll be baking it himself. Then ask him to mix the ingredients. Hehe.

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am not much of a baker but this looks simple enough – making a cake by steaming. This, I must try! 🙂

    Its a light fluffy texture and tastes more “healthy”. 😉

  3. i tried this cake recently too but my girls dont really like it! but they do enjoy preparing the batter. 🙂

    Yes, because it tastes more like bread than cake. I think my kids ate 3 each because of the fact that they helped prepare it rather than because of the taste. Hahaha.

  4. Agreed….about the great ‘side-benefits’ of baking.

    hope to do this with my son soon. THanks for the recipie. no photo?

    Yes, the side-benefits is certainly worth it. One thing I remember about my mum who died when I was 10 is the time I spent helping her to bake. I treasure those memories a lot. About the photo, errr…. I lazy mah. 😛

  5. Hah…MG made a cake??
    Congrat then for you…:)
    I hope you now like baking, the simple one. I’ve tried this banana steam cake too, also from a blogger friend and yes it’s truly easy.

    Hehe. I saw a recipe book of steamed cakes at the bookshop. Now I’m tempted to go and look for it. I’m trying to start slowly…. before I get the license to purchase an oven. Hahaha.

  6. What a coincidence! I made a steamed cake last night too..instead of bananas, I made a Steamed Cream Cracker cake and yes, don’t need to use whisk or anything, just fork and spoon to mix. My toddler son helped me crush the cream crackers, although most of it ended up on the floor…

    A cream cracker one. Sounds interesting. Must try. Must try. Hehe.

  7. All of a sudden so many mommies try this recipe … hahaha. If you like easy steamed cakes, try my kai tarn kou .. steamed egg sponge cake. Its real easy.

    Oh, yes, I definitely want to try kai tarn kou too. Can you give me the link to your kai tarn kou recipe?

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