A trip to Bentong for Dad

Dad’s birthday was on Saturday. We decided to take him on a trip down memory lane. 🙂

Dad is a retired policeman. He used to be posted in Bentong a very long time ago. I spent my babyhood up to 5 or 6 years there but I can’t remember much of it. We  used to stay in the police barracks. All I remember is there was a big field in front of the barracks where we stayed and all the homes faced this big field in a square.

Anyway, we took dad to Bentong on Saturday. We went in an entourage of 4 cars which included us 5 siblings, our 5 spouses and our 8 kids altogether (2 more were studying so they couldn’t make it) plus our 3 maids (a Cambodian, an Indonesian and a Filipino. So that makes 14 adults, 8 children and 5 nationalities. lol. (My sil is a Singaporean).

We started our journey at 11am. There was heavy traffic on the highway so we arrived in Bentong at 1pm and headed straight for lunch at a restaurant. I can’t remember the name of the place now but it was expensive! I thought that Bentong would be cheaper than KL. Hmm mmm.. The food was just ok and there was a fly zipping about. Hmmm mmm. I forgot to take pictures of the food. I am such a lousy photo blogger. Hehe.

Oh, I forget. Before the journey, my girl vomitted 3 times before and after breakfast. She vomitted twice more in the car but we were ready with extra plastic bags for her. Phew! What bad timing. Poor little darling. Fortunately her stomach held up after lunch.

My impression of Bentong is that it is a clean and well kept little town. I was looking out for the bombers. I think thats what they call the birds that are often found perched on the rooftops and electrical wires all over the town. I saw some on rooftops but I forgot to take pictures again! I don’t know why they call them that. Maybe, you have to watch out for their bomb! Hahaha.

After lunch we headed over to a resthouse. We just wanted to find a place to have coffee and chat actually but when we got there, there was no one around to serve us although the doors were wide open and there was some food on the table. Hmm…mmmm.

So we took Dad to the police barracks that was our home long ago. We took pictures there and some policemen must have thought that we were a group of crazy tourists. Hehe. We even managed a rare photo of Dad with his 5 kids. 🙂 Its hard to get everyone together these days with everyone’s busy schedules. The police barracks is just opposite my brothers’ and sister’s old school. So they went to peep through the fencing to look at their old school.

After that we went to the Machang Waterfalls (or is it Chamang?). I think thats what it was called. I am very bad at names. The road leading to the waterfall was very windy and narrow, quite scary and there had been an accident and there was blood on the road, even more scary. And so we travelled on this long and windy quiet road but when we got there finally, the place was packed full of people. The car park was full and there were loads of people swimming, camping, having picnics, eating or just enjoying the scenery.

Here’s a picture…. at last. Hehe.


Isn’t nature wonderful? I am afraid my camera is not that good and my photographic skills are even worse. lol.

Nature is so wonderful that this man decided to have a bath and a hairwash right there in the stream under the waterfall. Eww! He was happily scrubbing his body with soap and shampoo.


When he was done shampooing, he dived into the water and emerged…… All done! Hahaha. (The man is on the far left in the picture).


The kids decided to climb the waterfall a little bit. Hubby even allowed my 4 and 6 year old to climb with him and the maid. Aiyoyo. I couldn’t climb and I couldn’t look either. My heart went pip pop pip pop when I saw the kids climbing.  

The older kids or teens removed their shoes and walked about in the stream. My 4 year old pouted when he was not allowed to do that since the stones were rather slippery. We had some hot teh tarik and keropok lekor before we left for………. durians! Dad’s favourite!


We had a durian party at the stall. The stall owner opened up so many durians, all the best variety too. He told us the names but I can’t remember it now. We all walloped the durians. Yummy. Yummy. The stall owner reserved the best durians for Dad but I stole some from him. Hehe. I ate 4! Our durian party cost us RM80. On Sunday, I checked out the durians at the supermarket and they cost RM50 for 6 (no not 6 durians but 6 pieces. That would make it about RM8.34 per piece!)

Full of durian, we finally called it a day and drove home. What a nice day and meaningful birthday for dad. Dad has dementia and has good days and bad days. On his good days, he would be like his chatty old self but on his bad days he would be quiet. He was more quiet than chatty on Saturday but he smiled and laughed quite a lot too. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A trip to Bentong for Dad

  1. Sounds it was a great trip for your beloved Dad 🙂
    nature always beautiful…
    To see your pictures like I see the nature here, the same, including the durian party too. Only my boys don’t like durian.

    My kids and hubby don’t fancy durian either so I’m durian deprived cos I don’t get to eat since they all don’t care for it. lol.

  2. Sounds like a really nice weekend! It’s great he got to enjoy the quietness of Bentong..and of course, the lovely lau-lin! Happy belated birthday to your dad!

    Thank you mott. 🙂

  3. wow a good tribute for your dad…what a nice daughter u r. Durian..yucks..my enemy!
    BTW i always mix up Betong & Bentong..are they the same?

    To reply to your enquiry:
    i bought the APOM flour frm the cake & confectionery wholesale shop..that sells all the baking stuff. There are a few here in Ipoh. failing which u could try the FAT Ko flour that u can get from TESCO (box) use the colouring instead of the recommended brown sugar by the recipe . Good luck.

    Oh, I don’t think Betong and Bentong are the same but I don’t know where Betong is. haha. My sister organised and planned the trip actually. :). BTW, thanks for the flour tip. Hehe.

  4. What a meaningful trip for your dad.

    RM80 for a durian party is so cheap lar.

    Yes, Julie. There were about 20 of us gorging on them. Hahaha. Really worth it.

  5. Such a nice family outing you had during the weekend, got durian some more…yummy! yummy! Your dad must be happy 🙂

    I hope he remembers it though but its ok, we have pictures to show him. 🙂

  6. Wow! What a great trip. I think it’s especially wonderful that you and all your siblings and family got together for this trip.

    I come from a family of 5 too, and in the last family holiday we tried before my dad passed away, only 4 of us kids made it. One bro had some industrial training and could not get off.

    So, Well done!! Good for you!!

    During last year’s trip, I was the one who couldn’t make it!

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