Spend time with your kids before its too late

I came across this advice from this dad when I was surfing the net recently. It says “Spend time with your kids before its too late.”  This is exactly my spouse and my sentiments exactly.

I agree totally with this part of the article which reads….

The best time to spend with your children is in the first 10-12 years of their lives.  As teenagers, they begin to distance themselves from you, so make the most of it when they are young, when they want to hug, sit on your knee and love every minute of your company.  (Teenagers, I believe, are less inclined to participate in these fantastic things!).

The author goes on to say that careers can wait. Of course not everyone can afford to take time off work like what he has done because we still need to provide for our families and plan our finances for their education and future.

However, I do think that while the kids are young, parents (not just dads) should try not to work so long hours, travel less, not go for that company trip etc. Of course there is a price to pay for this but its worth it to get to know the kids and bond with them when they are young. They grow up really fast and before you know it, you will have missed out on these wonderful early years.

I have written down all the ways that my kids dad spend time with the kids so that they can remember it in the future. The post:  “When daddy is left alone with the kids” is on my Parenting Times blog. Perhaps, all you other mommy bloggers out there would like to do so too?

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11 thoughts on “Spend time with your kids before its too late

  1. Very true.
    Make time time while we can, for there is no turning back the clock.

    Also, if you come by my blog and see my last 3 posts, you never know when we may lose at child before we even have our fill of them.
    Life is so precious.

    Oh Moomykin, I didn’t mean this post to be literally like that. Its just so sad, your friend’s loss. I cried when I read your post. 🙁

  2. I agree too. that’s why I choose to work partime, get involved with the kids, rather than push to maid.

    I also insist my hubby to be involved in parenting too. Glad that he did, as not every man will want as they are more concerned about their own personal time.

    Good that you have a family man there. 🙂

  3. Sigh..true, but reality sucks when you are cash strapped.

    Thats true as well. Like I said, not everyone can be like that author and take time off from work every now and then.

  4. Sigh..just read about the loss of Moomykin’s friend’s beautiful child. Just too sad.

    Every parent feels her pain just from reading about it. 🙁

  5. i cant agree more to that.

    That’s why when ppl ask me wah 4 kids ..u must be superwomen or must be handle to deal with them..the answer is YES but i’m happy that i have the chance now cz soon my hubby & myself will be alone at home when they grw up & give priorities to their friends & studies & their life!

    Yes, the grow up so fast. My sister is feeling that now. Her 2 sons are all grown up, one is overseas and the other in a local college with his own activities and friends. She misses them so.

  6. Well, at least one of us (mom or dad) should be at home with the kids while they’re in young ages. I tell you money or presents can’t “buy or replace” the closed realtionship with our kids. I believe quantity still take a bigger role than quality.

    Not everyone can afford the “luxury” of staying home but I think its the most wonderful thing for you and your kids if you can manage it.

  7. couldn’t agree more… sometimes I just wished hubby won’t need to travel or work so late.. sigh

    These days everything has gone global or regional and its hard not to travel. Sigh.

  8. completely agree! and boy, aren’t I glad that Allan’s job allow him to be an almost full-time SAHD and me being a full-time SAHM, it makes my kids really happy, cos the both of us are with them almost all the time! *laugh*

    You are very fortunate indeed then. Hubby tries to come home early and declines overseas travel when he can but that doesn’t make him look very good in the eyes of the employer, still hubby says family comes first, and you must pay a price and make sacrifices if that is your priority.

  9. I am totally agree with what you said…(even more after reading Mommy On Call’s post on her friend’s loss).

    Life is so fragile sometimes I feel..we should appreciate every moment we have and enjoyed it to the fullest.

    Sometimes I wish my hubby can spend more time with Darren and less on his laptop.

    I feel so sad to read about her loss. I am sure after reading about it, all of us held our children a bit tighter because they are so precious to us.

  10. i agree with u and thats why i decided to become SAHM.

    If I were a FTWM, I would not have the energy for my kids. Even now, I don’t have the energy for them. Maybe its because of my age. Hahaha. If I were working full time, I know I would not enjoy their bedtime schedules with them the way I do now. I would either be too tired or thinking about work the next day. Maybe others, are different but thats me and thats why I am a SAHM.

  11. I love that post on spending time with daddy you wrote!! 🙂 It’s true being the SAHM and disciplinarian, I don’t spend so much fun time with them and concentrate more on getting things done right the first time. It’s ok, I don’t mind. Daddy’s more indulgent anyway. Good for me too! 😉

    Well, I guess your article has reminded me which role daddy should play! 😀

    Once in a while we should play the fun role too. hehe. So the other day, I pretended to be a kiddie ride donkey. The kids had to climb over me, put in the coin, and then the donkey came to life with a ride and a song. Boy! That was tiring! Hahaha. Usually its daddy who plays this kind of games with the kids. Mommy’s tired old bones can’t take it. lol.

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