Preparation for UPSR has begun

No, this is not a backdated post. I know the UPSR results was just out recently but I am not writing a backdated post about the UPSR preparation. I am writing about preparation for UPSR in 2009.

My nephew will be sitting for his UPSR exam NEXT YEAR but preparation has begun NOW. This month, his school is giving a COMPULSORY 14 day intensive tuition to prepare the students who will be sitting for UPSR NEXT YEAR! Siao or not????!!!!

Give you 3 guesses which school he is attending. Chinese or Kebangsaan school? No prizes for the correct guess.

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7 thoughts on “Preparation for UPSR has begun

  1. chinese school la.. if subang jaya.. then i know which school.

    No need to be in Subang Jaya. Most Chinese Schools are like that aren’t they?

  2. Kesian the kids… by the time they have to do their SPM sure burn out already at the rate they are going.

    How-laa to encourage a love for learning when they want to do all these… Uh, sorry. Shall stop my gripings here. Glad it’s not your kids.

    Have a good weekend.

    Yah. Crazy Pressure cooker. I’m sending my kid to Chinese School though but I’ll write about that next year to share.

  3. no need to even doubt the answer!

    Where got the ‘mxxxy’ teachers so hardworking wan!

    The answer is obvious. Thats why got no prizes for getting it right. Hehe.

  4. What UPSR anyway?

    Oh, so sorry Henny. Its Ujian Penilaian/Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah, the first major examination the kids take after 6 years of Primary School at age 12.

  5. Chinese school lah, i got forced to attend unless extra classes b4 the UPSR (1990) because of Kiasu teachers lah. chinese school teachers love competing with each other to see whose class is better!

    You took UPSR in 1990. You must be very young then. Hehe.

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