In my previous post, Henny commented that she got the following for a birthday present from her spouse.

….a mini electric tire inflator!! He said, when I go away so you could pump your car’s tire easily at home…My God!!

Hahaha. Well, Henny, I haven’t got an inflator before but I’ve got 4 brand new tyres so that I could drive safely outstation. And as I mentioned to you, once I got a juicer for Mother’s Day so I made juice for him on Father’s Day.

Once, I got shoes……luckily he took me for a daytrip to PD but it sure was painful to walk around the beach in my new shoes. Hahaha.

For me, some flowers, maybe a teddy bear for hugging and a card full of mushy words will mean more to me than any expensive household gadget. I’ll accept the mushy words card minus the flowers and bear too. Hehe. I’ve only got flowers twice. Twice in the 15 years since I’ve known him. Homemade card is even better but must contain mushy words. Hahaha. I’ve never received a homemade card before EVER. Its better than expensive household gadgets and a lot cheaper too, but at the moment, I may accept an oven because I want to learn to bake but I’m just dreaming of course because I have no space for an oven and the man thinks I have enough up my sleeves and has no time for baking so he certainly won’t be getting me one.

We’re practical. We don’t give each other anything on Valentine’s, our Anniversaries and Father’s or Mother’s Day (We’ll leave that one to the kids). Only birthdays sometimes. Even then, I don’t know what to get him each time his birthday comes around.

Tell me ladies, do you like to receive household gadgets as a birthday or other present? What is the most memorable funny gift your spouse has ever given you? Could  you also share what you  think was the best gift you gave your spouse?

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