I’m thinking of getting a trilingual Electronic Dictionary to help me help my girl. I want to use it mainly for learning Chinese words but of course the Malay and English parts would be useful too.

At the moment I am helping my girl read her preschool Chinese Books. I read them BEFORE she does. I learn the words and check up the meanings and then I teach her. Its a little bit like the blind leading the blind. Its a laborious task. It takes me ages to search and understand the characters using a traditional Printed Dictionary.

I am told that an Electronic Dictionary might help. However it costs around RM1,500. Thats a heavy investment. So I’m not going to jump in and purchase an Electronic Dictionary without first doing some research on how useful it is.

What I would like to know is just how useful is an Electronic Dictionary? Is it much easier to use than the traditional printed Dictionary? Can I find the Chinese characters easily and learn them without taking so much time searching for the words?

Can anyone out there help me? If you have an Electronic Dictionary, can you explain to me how it differs from a Printed Dictionary? (apart from the price difference of course) 😉

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