Online Dictionary or Handheld Electronic Dictionary

I found a good online dictionary to help me learn Chinese yesterday and now I’m torn.

I wanted to get a handheld Electronic Dictionary because it is convenient but is it all that good? Some people say you can’t find many words. Now if I invest in one, I will surely feel frustrated if I can’t find the word that I want!

At RM1,500 it is not a cheap investment. Hubby kept on asking me whether it will be worth it. Won’t a printed dictionary be just as good? I don’t have an answer for him.

At RM1,500 I can buy a lot of things. I can even replace this cranky PC with an original Dell by adding another one or two hundred. This PC won’t start up in the morning properly. I have to press restart before Windows will start up. Geeezzz!

Aiyooo how ar? Nevermind, while I go and think about it, I want to share the online dictionary that I found.

All banana parents who only know English but are sending their child to Chinese school should find this online dictionary useful. I don’t want to repeat what I have written on my other blog, so if you don’t mind, please hop over there to read……

Online Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

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3 thoughts on “Online Dictionary or Handheld Electronic Dictionary

  1. MG, thanx for sharing. So, the electronic dictionary can wait, ya..

    Ya. Ya. Annie. Can wait till UPSR now. Hehe. Because the handheld one has UPSR test sample papers etc which we don’t need now. So can wait first. Hehe.

  2. The only benefit I can think of for the electronic dictionary is they may pronounce it for you?

    Sigh….don’t know much about this. Sorry.

    Hope you can feedback to make the right decision.

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