Isn’t it fast how time flies? Its Christmas Eve today. Imagine that. In another week the girl and boy will be going to school and kindy. Soon they will be going to college. 😛 I am getting more and more gancheong (excited) now…..

Have a number of things to do today. Gotta trim the kids nails and wash their hair for tomorrow’s Christmas party. Need to get them to finish up their homemade cards. Need to pack dad’s stuff and label his medication for brother. Tonight or first thing tomorrow we will take out the presents for the kids. That is the best part.

After a week, I think I see a pattern for dad now. Sometimes he operates at 100%. That is when he has his “awakening”. After an “awakening”, he operates at 30% because the “awakening” has drained him. He is so so tired. He can’t think anymore. He has to be guided each step of the way. He must sleep and sleep. At one point he slept for 15 hours straight. After the long sleep he now operates at 50% meaning he can go to the toilet etc unaided now but he is very quiet. He talks mostly in his sleep or to himself. He says very little to us even when we speak to him. He stills like to rest and wake for meals only but he looks a little less tired now compared to right after his “awakening”.

Well, I must be off now. Sorry I have no time to blog hop to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So here is an e-card for those of you who just happen to be passing by.

Happy Holidays and hope you all have a good time with your loved ones.

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