What a hectic start to the year I am having. With one kid going to Standard One for the first time and another going to kindy for the first time at two different locations at different times. Wow! Its just been really crazy.

I haven’t had time to even sit in front of the pc accept to have a cursory glance at my emails every now and then. Had to reject a good offer too. Sob. Sob. But children and family first. So no more sob.

I’m still really rather busy for the rest of the week. Maybe I will be more settled by next week, hopefully. And then, I will update my blog in my more usual “cheong hei” (long winded) manner to record down all those little details about the children going to school for the first time and my observations and the lessons I learned along the way. So many lessons. I’m talking about myself not the kids. Haha.

To me, a child entering school for the first time is really a big milestone for the parents. I’ll record this milestone down in my Parenting Times blog when I have more time next week.

Till then Happy Belated New Year to everyone.

Almost my default, my new year resolution is to increase my exercise from 2-3 times a week to daily because my new routine requires me to get up at 6.30am, prepare the girl for school, then I have half hour to exercise before I prepare the boy for kindy. 🙂

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