My husband enjoys martial arts movies, you know the kind where men fly on tree tops, sleep on ice beds and fall off cliffs and still lives. Oh, the hero usually has a few girls hankering after him too. I always complain to my husband about that. Why can’t it be the other way?

So this year, for his birthday, I decided to buy him some martial arts dvds. Being a martial arts movie fan, he has a lot in his collection by now but he does not have those really old Shaw Brothers Kungfu Classics. For the previous two years, I bought him comics online so they have ceased to become an element of surprise.

I didn’t know how to buy dvds online. Most of the suppliers came from US and had expensive shipping charges. Finally I found one from HongKong which offered free shipping. Then I had to figure out the regions. We have to buy Region 3 dvds. Region 2 is for Japan and Region 1 is for the US. If you buy the wrong region, it won’t play on your player. You also have to check the system whether NTSC or PAL whatever that means. Haha. If I am not mistaken we use the NTSC system here but most dvd players are smart enough to play both something like that.

Finally, I found my supplier. I decided to order just one first for Christmas to try it out ie check out the quality etc. It arrived one day after Christmas. Oh dearie me. Worse still, it arrived on Saturday when hubby was around. When we came home he saw a box on the porch and asked what was that. Cheh! Spoilt half the fun. I had to tell him that that was his belated Christmas present. Hahaha.

Since the Christmas dvd took so long to arrive, more than a month, I could not wait to test it so I went ahead and ordered more for his birthday. Unfortunately the Christmas one was in Mandarin whereas the description had been Mandarin or Cantonese for languages. Haiyah! It was too troublesome to return it so I just wrote to them about my disappointment and asked them to check to make sure that the next batch is in Cantonese as well.

The new batch just arrived yesterday in the mail. Hehe. All in good time for his birthday early next month. I’m so busy this month, I don’t have time to shop for his present. Besides we shop together most of the time so I can’t surprise him. Buying online is the best but online shopping is really a bit dangerous. Its too easy! If you have Paypal, its even easier. A few clicks and you have parted with your money without even feeling it. Oops! So far, I have only shopped for books and dvds online. Better stop there before all the money in my Paypal disappears. Hahaha.

I bought 5 dvds in all. Will wrap them up into 3 different packages and get the kids to present one to him each. Hahaha. So easy hor.

Well, got to run to do some more spring cleaning now. Today, I will clear our clothes cupboards. I enjoy clearning clothes cupboard. However, setting time aside to do it is the trouble. 😉

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