Have you ever met someone who is passionate in something? Whether its their work or a project of whatever. These people are truly inspiring. I’ve met a paeditrician who is passionate in breastfeeding, a gynae who is passionate in her work and a neurologist who is passionate in his work (Hey. How come they’re all doctors?) It is a joy to watch them at work. No matter how busy they are (and these are very busy people), they always still manage to have a smile, and time for you because they truly believe in their work or project. They believe in what they do and they love what they do and what they do often helps other people.

Speaking about passion for something,  I also had the chance to meet this lovely lady who is passionate in her work to create epilepsy awareness. She used to have a booth at Wisma Atria for almost 4 years promoting epilepsy awareness. She gave me her time and some answers when I was searching for one. One of the best gifts you can give to a person is the gift of time. Time to really listen, understand and help them. This is what she has done for many people in the 4 years that she had her booth.

She has to close her booth now but I believe that she will continue to do valuable work in creating Epilepsy Awareness on her blog and in other ways. Wellsphere.com (a renown health website in USA) had nominated her epilepsy blog to be part of its 1st Annual Health Blogger Awards competition.  The competition had started on 15th December 2008 and will end on 31st January 2009. 

Will you help someone who is compassionate and passionate about creating Epilepsy Awareness to further spread Epilepsy Awareness by voting for her blog? I hope that you will.

You can help to promote epilepsy awareness by voting for epilepsy awareness.  Please visit http://www.epilepsylegacy.blogspot.com/.  You will see on the top right hand corner of the blog a voting badge with her photo in it.  Click on the VOTE NOW below the photo.  You will be asked to fill in a small form to register yourself to be a member of Wellsphere.com.  Fill in your particulars.  Click SUBMIT VOTE.  Your vote has been cast for epilepsy awareness.

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