TV Dinner

This is my husband’s TV Dinner from yesterday.

So what is so special about this dinner? The vegetable!

I finally harvested my own homegrown vegetable after sticking the stems in the pot 6 months ago! Hahaha. Now I have to wait another 6 months before having another plate of these. Lol!

Thanks very much to Lian who inspired me to stick the stems in the pot. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “TV Dinner

  1. Aiyo, if I plant, the veggie sure die. LOL! It hasn’t rained since November. Very dry here…and I’m so lazy to water the garden.

    I get the kids to help out in watering and they enjoy having the chance to “Play water” without being scolded. Haha.

  2. Great tip from Lian! But what is Huang Ti Miao ar? Sorry me a nut in the kitchen.

    Huang Ti Miao is the vegetable that you see in Lian’s post loh. Hahaha. Ok. Ok. Here’s another closer look at it for you. You can buy it easily from the supermarket. Next time give it a try. Its has a nice smooth texture. However, when cooking, you must remember to peel off the skin from the stems, otherwise it will be hard. When cutting or peeling off the stems, it feels much like the same way when you peel ladies fingers. There is a layer of how do you call it, gluey feeling. Oh I am bad at describing.

  3. perhaps that is reason why…. why..
    u know, i never setup my dinner so nice before..with a place-mat, fruits, etc.. if wanna eat in front of tv, everything goes into 1 big bowl….. now i know..presentation is important for the man..ahahahahah

    Eh, I present for taking photo for blog mah. Usually, everything goes on a plate chap fun style. Hahaha. And I don’t cut fruits till after dinner… to retain its nurition. Cut, then eat immedidately. 🙂

  4. Wah…I think to cook and present this TV dinner to him is SPECIAL enough.

    Reckon if I did that for my husband without him having to wash up or mind the kids in the process of preparation, he will be the happiest man on earth!

    But the home grown vege is also special ya….hahaha

    My loh kong hoh must have his TV dinner (not so nicely presented everytime of course) daily in front of the tv one. He only eats with us at the dining table once a year, that is during CNY! Once, in a while, we also join him in front of the tele lah. Hahaha.

  5. 6 months for the vegie? You need a bigger farm 🙂

    Hahaha. Yes, I certainly do but I have no soil in my house mah. Everything also tiled up or cemented by the previous owner adi. 🙂

  6. next time cannot present when yur hb watch TV. if not he wont pay attention to the lovely greens mah…get him seated facing to you :p

    If he forgets, I will send him the photo I took loh. Hahaha.

  7. Wow! It’s great to grow your own vegetables. Beats buying from the market. But why need to wait for 6 months? maybe you need to grow more of them! : )

    No space! 🙂

  8. Woww..daddykhong has started to plant his favourite cili padi. I should have grown huang ti mao instead..haha. Great idea. Hey, your TV dinner is really interesting…with everything placed so nice on a presentable tray :).

    My aunt used to plant the cili padi. Wuah, her whole family loves it. Everytime they eat maggie mee, they go and pluck a few to cut. Hahaha.

  9. wow..yummy and so presentable home cooked dinner + home grown vege some more

    Presentation is very important yah? What is actually very simple to prepare, looks 10 times better with presentation. Then it might fool him to think that it taste 10 times better too. lol.

  10. Need so long for the vege to grow??? Oh dear, i think i’ll prefer buying them from supermarket:P hehe

    Haha. Yah, buying from the supermarket is much easier. A bunch like that would cost about RM3 for organic ones and less if its not organic of course.

  11. wah, if i show this to my hubby, he’s gonna think he has been cheated of a good wife! haha…ur hubby is really lucky!

    good 2 know that u have homegrown veggies… time to plant more? 😉

    I would love to plant more but I don’t have the space ler. However, the kids wanted to plant something from seedlings. So I let them choose one packet each. The boy chose cherry tomatoes and the girl chose some flowery plant. Hers tak jadi but his has grown taller than him now and has just started flowering. Can’t wait to see the first tomato. Haha. Planting our own from seedlings is the best way to teach the kids science.

  12. always wanted to plant my own greens… but just couldn’t find time and don’t have much “garden” (read: lazy!) After looking at how nice it’s to have own greens, think I should do some gardening 🙂

    I don’t have any “garden” at all, only plants in pots. Haha.

  13. Wowww..Salute to you MG. You plant the vege by yourself. Your husband is so lucky to have the first taste of it.
    I wonder what vege is that?

    All the dishes that you cooked taste good. The rice is brown rice? And the soup is lotus root soup?

    You can check out Lian’s post (link above) to find out what vege is that. The rice is chicken and yam rice and you got the soup right. 🙂

  14. This plant grow very fast wan, my mom’s house a lot man.

    To avoid wait for 6 month, either put more pots or you just pluck the “young” one for cooking, leave others to continue to grow.

    Yes, I plucked the young ones and left the rest behind to continue to grow, otherwise my pot will become botak. Hehe.

  15. Always nice to have your own grown vege.

    MiL has sweetpotato leaves and some others I don’t know the name but know how to eat. Hehe..
    but we also don’t have much soil. She uses styrofoam boxes from the fish monger to plant most of her vege.

    How clever of your mum. Even styrofoam boxes have been put to good use. 🙂

  16. Wah..that’s good. I stuck some Basil Stems into the ground. And it’s still…surviving. New growth has been spotted and I”m very excited! HEE HEE HEE

    Its very exciting yah? Today, I just discovered my very first…….TOMATO! Hahahaha. We grew it from seedlings which we bought in a packet from the shop.

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  18. The veggie looks really good! Your hubby’s TV dinner reminds me of my dad’s TV dinner coz he is also just as crazy as your hubby over olden days kung fu movies and he also has a tray of dinner and a special table when he eats and watches TV in the living room lol!

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