My neighbour is doing renovation works. First he built his wall on MY side of the property while I was away. Then all the incessant drilling, and knocking drives me up the wall. Even as I type, I can hear *knock knock knock* *Knock knock knock*. And then the workers kept on throwing cement and other big chunks of knocked down wall into the drain causing my drain to be clogged up with drying cement.

My kids and I are sick so we spent all of Saturday at the doctors. This meant that we had to rush to buy our groceries on Sunday. Unfortunately, I discovered the back drain BEFORE we went out. Sigh. My maid and I spent time in the hot sun hacking into the drain and trying to unclog it before it got worse.

I’m afraid I overdid it. Aunt Flo is visiting, I am using antibiotics and after at least an hour out in the sun, I almost fainted when I got in the house. I had to sit down in the middle of the kitchen floor to recover. Later as I fed the kids their medicine my hands were still shaking. Now, wheres that darned contractor. I’ve got to have another word with him. We did mention this to him once before and he had his workers come over to clean the drain but after that it is back to square one. Why can’t they just cover up the drain when they are doing their work. Its only a simple measure that will save a lot of headache. *Grumble Grumble Grumble*

Sorry, I’m in a foul mood today. I feel like vomitting. The phelgms all stuck up my throat and my head hurts on and off. And that non-stop knocking *knock knock knock* is making my headache worse!

This renovation works is going to take a long more while to go, I’m afraid. Neighbour is pushing out his wall and adding rooms upstairs and downstairs. (and blocking my view of the sun). What to do? Stay in terrace house have to put up with this nonsense. Sometimes they work even on Sunday and I can’t have a good rest with drilling even on Sunday. Furthermore, everyday, I have to jaga my maid because there are at least 4-5 Indon workers living next door at the moment to work on the renovations.

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