*Grumble Grumble Grumble*

My neighbour is doing renovation works. First he built his wall on MY side of the property while I was away. Then all the incessant drilling, and knocking drives me up the wall. Even as I type, I can hear *knock knock knock* *Knock knock knock*. And then the workers kept on throwing cement and other big chunks of knocked down wall into the drain causing my drain to be clogged up with drying cement.

My kids and I are sick so we spent all of Saturday at the doctors. This meant that we had to rush to buy our groceries on Sunday. Unfortunately, I discovered the back drain BEFORE we went out. Sigh. My maid and I spent time in the hot sun hacking into the drain and trying to unclog it before it got worse.

I’m afraid I overdid it. Aunt Flo is visiting, I am using antibiotics and after at least an hour out in the sun, I almost fainted when I got in the house. I had to sit down in the middle of the kitchen floor to recover. Later as I fed the kids their medicine my hands were still shaking. Now, wheres that darned contractor. I’ve got to have another word with him. We did mention this to him once before and he had his workers come over to clean the drain but after that it is back to square one. Why can’t they just cover up the drain when they are doing their work. Its only a simple measure that will save a lot of headache. *Grumble Grumble Grumble*

Sorry, I’m in a foul mood today. I feel like vomitting. The phelgms all stuck up my throat and my head hurts on and off. And that non-stop knocking *knock knock knock* is making my headache worse!

This renovation works is going to take a long more while to go, I’m afraid. Neighbour is pushing out his wall and adding rooms upstairs and downstairs. (and blocking my view of the sun). What to do? Stay in terrace house have to put up with this nonsense. Sometimes they work even on Sunday and I can’t have a good rest with drilling even on Sunday. Furthermore, everyday, I have to jaga my maid because there are at least 4-5 Indon workers living next door at the moment to work on the renovations.

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16 thoughts on “*Grumble Grumble Grumble*

  1. Maybe you can complain to MPPJ/MPKL about the drain. They can do something about it. Don’t have to do the dirty work yourself. 😛 Hope you have a speedy recovery!

    The drain is INSIDE my house compound. I doubt if they will do anything about that.

  2. Did you check which direction your neighbour renovating? If he is renovating the North part of his house, or the North East, he will be in for some bad luck! That’s according to feng shui calculations : )

    He is renovating the North part but I would not wish him bad luck!

  3. deep breath….. hope everything cleared up soon…. Take care.

    Deep breath. Yeah I need lots of those. This cold medication is so strong it leaves me breathless. Hahaha.

  4. maybe u shd talk to the hse owner instead and see if it helps. it is so irresponsible to dump all cement into the drain! did the hse owner applied for approval from the MP?

    Have spoken to the owner as well as the contractor before when they were here. They asked the workers to come over and help clean up then they start throwing new stuff in the drain again. Sigh.

  5. some terrace house owners has this wishful thinking of staying in a mansion, hence the over-renovated idea.. which is darn annoying to the immediate neighbour.. they sure knows how to ‘bond’ well with the neighbourhood!!!! so sorry for u..

    Hahaha. Yes, you are right about that. The mansion within a terrace house part.

  6. Hope you recover soon.

    I know how it felt with all the non stop drilling and hacking. I have been through it, still going through it and will be more coming as we stay in new housing area and we are the first few to move in. One of my direct neighbor has not started his reno work yet, once he starts, will be worst.

    Wish you luck then!

  7. I hope that all of u will get well soon. I hate renovation, but then, it’s something hard to avoid in most housing estate.

    Yes especially new housing estates. Mine is an old one but sometimes what happens is someone moves in, tears down the entire house and rebuild!

  8. So sorry to hear of your predicament and I can totally identify with it. I have my fair share of contractor stories. I think if we put them together it can become a Contractor Horror Stories bestseller!

    Haha. Yes, Everyone who reads it will nod their heads and go. Yes, Yes. Yes!

  9. Oh dear….poor you. I really understand what you are going through.

    Put on some ear phones, listen to some music sit in the living room and rest. Hopefully your maid will be in sight of you enough times for you to rest assure.

    Else bring your maid and escape to your relatives place during the day? Or maybe ask your neighbour if he could stop work at 6 pm or something.


    Hopefully the worse of the drilling is over but now the wall is up on the second floor which has been extended outwards and upwards and therefore blocking my view. Boo Hoo Hoo.

  10. Wah..I hear you. I had to endure 5 months of hacking, banging and what-nots. That’s when No.2 was just delivered. Miraculously, he slept through quite a lot of the noise. But I was mega pissed.

    I screamed at my neighbour for making so much noise and causing me so much distress. He just shrugged his shoulders.

    You actually screamed at your neighbour? Hahaha. Come to think of it, I probably would too if I had a newborn in the house. Hmprh!

  11. Oh, poor you. I know what you mean. I went through that for w couple of months end of last year when someone bought over the house next door.

    maybe you and your whole family should try to do something in the day while work in progress, i.e. sit in a public library or “hang out” at a friend’s/relatives’ place (someone you’re comfortable enough to have your kids do homework or whatever).

    Drilling and knocking noises is real noise pollution and bad for our sanity.

    Previously at the condo, they did not allow any drilling beyond 5 o’clock and Saturday was up to 12 or 1pm only. At least that is not so bad.

  12. sorry to hear this MG. hope you are feeling better now. can report your neighbour ah?

    Well, as neighbours, we want to try to be as neighbourly as possible so I guess we just live with this for a few months lah

  13. FYI, it’s a rule that your neighbour must obtain consent from neightbours (both side) saying no onjection prior to any kind of renovation and also prior to renovation approval from majlis perbandaran *hehehe,,, i did mine too.* u can complain to majlis if they dun get your consent. if u damn pist off, one single complaint to majlis can make them to STOP WORK IMMEDIATELY!!

    Really ah?

  14. I can’t stand those noises, seriously. I’d probably scream out of frustration. My in laws neighbour renovated their house before CNY and we avoided going there for 2 weeks. Of course it lasted more than 2 weeks lah.

    Good luck to you.

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