Healthier Maggie Mee?

The other day, hubby bought a packet (of 5) healthier type of Maggie Mee (Curry Flavour) to try. It costs RM1 more. It is supposed to be “healthier” because the noodles are air dried and not fried so it is supposed to be less oily. (I think the term used was air dried if I am not mistaken. Sorry hor, the maggie mee all in my stomach adi and the wrapper in the dustbin a few days ago liao so I can’t remember. Oh, I make such a lousy food blogger. No photos because lazy and food enter mouth and stomach faster than camera can flash. And my memory is bad, I can’t remember and get the facts right. Hehe.)

Well, anyway, the maggie mee is supposed to have “No MSG added”. I studied the ingredients and I think there is still some flavour enhancers in there so probably thats why they used the term “No MSG added” and not “MSG free”. Hmm……

So, whats the verdict? Well, the noodles are less oily and drier but the gravy is still salty and tasty and spicy. Whoooaaa! Like eating pepper like that. Makes my mouth and tongue feel so hot. I had to wash it down with some chocolate sweets after that. Very healthy indeed. Hahaha.

Aiyoh. Talk about maggie mee, feel like eating adi. It really is very addictive, this maggie mee.

Are you a fan of instant noodles? Can you share some nice brands you have tried? I am old school, so don’t ask me as my tried and tested brands are limited to maggie mee (curry and laksa) and indomie for mee goreng only.

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17 thoughts on “Healthier Maggie Mee?

  1. all instant noodles (the good ones anyway) will have msg, tht’s why they taste so good! haha.

    i’m also a fan of it but had to cut down during my pregnancy and now (coz of bfg). i love nissin (the red packet with sesame oil). u shld also give the korean ones a try…i 4got the brand name but they’re kind expensive compared to maggi mee.

    i now wanna try the japanese ones…where u just fill in hot water. there are so many in the market now!

    I also cut down during the pregnancy and breastfeeding years but now that the kids are older…….

  2. Hehehe…is there such a thing as healthier maggi? I like the noodle in a cup maggi, the texture is different.

    Yah, its more springy but when I “cook” it, I try to pour the contents into a bowl instead of pouring hot water into the plastic cup. Seems so terribly unhealthy that way. 😛

  3. Currently I am into NISSIN, chicken flavour….yum yum yum….

    Slurp slurp. Haha. But dunno why I am not a big fan of chicken flavour wor….

  4. You mean, you haven’t tried the Korean spicy noodles, in the red packets? Expensive, abt RM2.50-RM3.50, but oh….. much thicker noodles, awesome taste (prob MSG hehe, but it’s great), and even comes with dehydrated seaweed, sotong (a bit only lar) etc. It’s GREAT!

    Wuah got dehydrated seaweed some more. Must try. Must try. lol.

  5. I like Korean instant noodle better. Both NongSim or Samyong juat delicious. The noodle is thicker and the taste is so right. Very addictive although bit expensive 🙂

    Sungguh mahal lah. 😉

  6. i used to like mee sedap! then i oso like duck mee.. i think from cintan kah? aiyo.. forget the brand liao.. see one thing in common of us instant noodle eater? we have short term memory.. hahahhaha..

    Must be all that MSG we had consummed. Gulp!

  7. Ever tried maggie curry with cheese? I used to laugh at my friends who took it (weird combo) but now.. I’m addicted to it!

    With cheese! How to cook ah?

  8. unhealthier food is the best and nice food lar…LOL

    my hub is instant noodle fans lor…he can eat many times in a week sometimes, have to yell “stop” then only he will not cook again!

    Yup, Korean one very nice!

    My husband too but I am the one have to cook for him wor. Hahaha.

  9. I recently discovered Myojo brand of instant noodles. I believe it’s from Singapore. Not sure if it’s air dried, but it’s tasty. I know instant noodles are not meant to be healthy but sometimes it is quick meal for lunch.

    I recall the Mee Myojo ad with its catchy tune. Or rather the tune is somewhere at the back of my head tho not the taste. lol.

  10. Now you make me feel like eating maggi mee too. Must have some before I start planning for my 2nd!

    Ooohhh….if you like spiy, try the tom yam one in sliver packaging with thai words….OUT OF THIS WORLD man!

    Really ah. Its been quite a while since I had toy yam but now that you’ve mentioned it….

  11. ooh, i love maggi curry! i usually go for the curry letup and curi curi eat it for supper when kids are in bed! then i will add very spicy chilli which my cousin bought back from sanya! very shyiok!

  12. healthier? Well, for one thing, it’s the noodles that has the bulk of calories.

    I’m told that bihoon or meesua has less calories. So instead of the Maggi, Cintan etc type brands, I use some Chinese/Taiwainese brand (with twin bundles plus usual variants of seasoning), for less than RM3.

    Instead of using the seasoning powder for flavour, I use leftover soup (ABC, dried veg, ‘farn kort’ etc clear type soups) to cook my noodles. Absent that, I just snip (to cook faster) some red dates, goji berries and dried seaweed into the boiling water.

    Slurp! Yum!

    You are hardworking! 🙂

  13. I’m a huge instant noodles fancee and I have loads of instant noodles at home. My fav is Myojo char mee… manufactured in Singapore as the one in M’sia chap lup lioa.

    Actually Mamee’s Tom Yum also very nice coz they also use air dried noodles.

    If you willing to spend more $$$ on instant noodles, there is this brand call Little Chef or something… normally comes in a bowl and they have real ingredients that comes in a air tight pocket.

    Now, that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t seem to get that Mee Myojo jingle out of my head. 😛

  14. Yummy! Looking at your pic, I feel like eating it too.

    Actually I like instant noodle, any brand will do. But just recently I did not think of eating it. I still have few packets sitting in the kitchen.

    I have lots of packets sitting in my kitchen… but they get eaten and replaced constantly. 😛

  15. Any Nissin brand is good,sesame, prawn or seaweed. Try HarMee, tast good like prawn mee. Instant noodles was my staple food after confinement when I had no time to cook, looking after baby.

    Aiyoo. During confinement time should eat better than that mah. Hehe. But I was worse than you. Hubby used to ta pau 3 packet of economy rice for dinner and I kept 1 packet in the fridge to be reheated for lunch for myself the next day. So terribly unhealthy but what to do, no time to cook when looking after baby like you said.

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