Steamed Yin and Yang Cake

I had some leftover bananas…. and so I baked the only cake I knew how to bake….. Steamed Banana Cake. We doubled the recipe since the original recipe turns out a cake too small for us.

My boy helped me. He was delighted to squash the bananas and mix in the egg and flour…. but we ran out of sugar…. and so we improvised. We put in a packet of 3-in-1 milo powder in place of sugar for one half of the cake. Fortunately the cake turned out. Phew!

However, the banana side tasted better of course since it was meant to be a banana cake after all. The Milo side looked good but did not meet up to its looks. Haha. Next time better check to make sure we have ALL the ingredients before we say GO! Still, it was nice experimenting.

One more day and then schools out for the kids for the first term holidays. I will be extra busy then spending time with them. Perhaps I won’t be able to blog till AFTER the school holidays. In any case, Happy Weekend everyone.

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13 thoughts on “Steamed Yin and Yang Cake

  1. put in 3 in 1 milo ??? sound interesting for me …. and sound yummy too ….

    BTW, thanks for dropping my my blog 🙂

    But it didn’t taste yummy wor… it tasted a bit bitter. 😛

  2. Wah, only pro can think of 3-in-1 milo okay! If me ar, sure abandone it already .. ahahaha. I love steamed recipes too. You can try my steamed egg cake. Very nice when its hot from the steamer!

    Eh, give url lah.

  3. Aah…now you’re a ery creative chef, eh?! Congrat…looks yummy, maybe should try someday 🙂

    I still don’t have an oven….. so I can’t get any more creative than that. 🙁

  4. I love cakes and yours looks yummy!! It would however be nicer, if it’s a banana chocolate cake. haha – I’m just so greedy! : )

    Well, it was banana and chocolate altho it didn’t quite taste as good. Hahaha.

  5. fortunately only more day before school reopens. Benghui is driving me busy busy busy

    Yah. I was very very busy too and the kids aren’t old enough to cook for me. 😉

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