The children love gardening. They love to watch things grow. We allow them to choose their own seedlings from the store and plant them. My boy chose tomatoes. My girl chose flowers. The flowers didn’t turn out. They didn’t make it through the sprouting stage. They didn’t grow well.

The tomatoes were okay. However, we had some problems with it. We didn’t have proper support for it, so the vines grew all twisted around some of our other plants. It didn’t stand up well but it grew all the same. When it began to flower, the kids were really excited. They could hardly keep themselves from plucking the flowers. There were many lovely tiny yellow flowers. However, only one of it made it into a tomato. lol.

We watched it grow, then turn yellow and then a bright orange. Yesterday, the kids were so excited, they plucked our single tomato and ate it. It was tiny but it didn’t taste sour. It was quite nice. I guess it tasted nicer because we planted it ourselves. The kids wouldn’t touch the tomato otherwise.

Now, if only I had the organic tomato growing kit shown in the image above. We would have lots more tomatoes to eat! Some of our tomato plants died because it was attacked by white ants. The kit includes a bottle of bottle of Safer® Brand Tomato & Vegetable Insect Killer. That would have helped. We didn’t spray anything on our tomato plants because we wanted to keep the tomato free from harmful insecticide. As a result, some of them did not survive. We also didn’t have the expandable plant stakes which would have given our plant better support. The stakes look really interesting.

Next time, we want to try planting tomatoes again, I know what to do. 🙂


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