I’ve got to learn to slow down. Everyday I rush my children from one activity to another. Its not that they have a lot of activities. Its just homework and music lessons and following us around in doing errands but this does take up a lot of time. So I rush them.

“Hurry up! Eat Faster! Wear your shoes faster! Do your homework quickly!. Hurry up and do your work! Don’t waste time! Do you know that you still have lots of work you haven’t done yet. Hurry up!” etc. I even rush them to sleep. “No! Its time to sleep. Not time to play!” Brush your teeth quickly, then change into your pyjamas quickly and jumb to bed NOW! Its late!” and I interrupt them in mid sentence or I try to finish their sentences for them because I have no patience to listen to them beating around the bush to tell me something.

They do tend to beat around the bush. “Mummy, are you listening to me? Mummy, I am not sure ok. I tell you this but I am not sure. I am not sure ok? Today at school teacher said……… Mummy! I am not sure ok but I think teacher said………” and I would stand there impatiently, my head thinking about the 101 things on my to do list and what we need to do next and how this beating around the bush is delaying us in our tight daily schedule. Its absolutely crazy.

So this post is to remind myself to slow down. Slow down and hug the kids more, listen to them patiently and spend more time playing with them. Love them more and constantly show and remind them about how much they are loved.

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