Role Reversal and Involved Fathers

During one recent visit to the paedaetrician, I noticed that a lot more fathers are very involved with bringing up their children these days. This was evident because quite a lot of the children were accompanied by their fathers and not their mothers.

There was a father trying to comfort his crying child, a father walking and burping his baby, a father sponging and giving his feverish kid a drink, a father chatting, playing and reading to his kid while waiting for the doctor. This was during working hours on a Monday morning. I was touched by the scene but I wonder …. where did all the mothers go?

I like this new generation of fathers. I am glad my kids have one too. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Role Reversal and Involved Fathers

  1. yes, now i find a lot of daddies who bring their kids to school and also fetch them.
    Not like old times when you can only found mummies at kiddies 🙂

    My kids’ daddy fetches them to school and goes in and talk to teachers and chats with the other mummies too. 🙂

  2. Sometimes it is the least the guy can do…sometimes it ie coz he can get off work early since mum has already used up all her leave days for when the kid had to stay home….or maybe coz mum is sick at home too….

    But most definitely things are changing and dads are playing a larger role. Cheers to all dads!

    Yes, sometimes its easier for daddy to take the time off compared to mummy but cheers to those who make the effort to anyway.

  3. you are right, more fathers are very much involved these days. you asked, where are the mothers? probably getting their ‘me’ times they so deserved. hehe. i know i need alot of these now. 😉

    Haha. Yes, however, I get a lot more me time now that the kids are grown and attends school. Previously it was… me time? Whats that?!!

  4. Maybe the mom is busy with the household works, these new daddy generation would be a little bit easy to leave their jobs for one or two hours in the morning… and stay up late at the office to pay for it. hehe….

    Yah, you are right, sometimes its the nature of the jobs.

  5. I’m lucky hubs helps out too. Sometimes he comments how much involved in Amber he is, I remind him ‘new generation’ dads are different, and there are a whole lot out there :). then again, I appreciate his involvement very much 🙂

    Then you must tell him how much you appreciate it. 🙂

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