Who is in the wrong?

One lazy Sunday morning, I was buying kuih by the roadside stall when “BANG!” Everyone turned towards the source of the loud noise to look.

A lady of about 30-40 years old had banged her car into another car while parking her car. The owner of the car, a man of about 50 plus years old came running and said something to her. I could not hear what he said. However, I heard her loud and clear. She said……


And she went to get some money to pay the man. I couldn’t hear what the man replied to her. Obviously he was much more soft spoken than her. Or maybe he was dumbfounded……. as I was.

Instead of being apologetic as she should have been since she was in the wrong, she shouted at the man. Probably the man should have replied “Who likes their car to be banged into on a Sunday morning and then be shouted at?”

I wonder what makes people like that tick? Recently the same thing happened in school too. A mother was trying to park her car and while she drove past a school van, the driver drove straight into her car without looking and instead of being apologetic, they (the driver and his passenger, both men) scolded her. They had been chatting and did not see her, hence they crashed into her car which was passing by and instead of being apologetic, they spoke to her rudely and loudly.

What has become of people these days? Whatever has happened to plain curtesy? Why can’t they be humble and admit it when they are wrong? Why can’t they say the word “Sorry”? Is that so very hard?

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4 thoughts on “Who is in the wrong?

  1. the same happened to me a few times. motorist banged my car from the back and the side, they scolded me pulak and also the passerby just because I am a woman and a Chinese and they are the Malays!

    Ladies often get bullied.

  2. its like that la now. whoever who speak louder win. next time just say go police station, no need to shout also. last time i also ken from motorbike and just becoz i was a girl and driving with P sticker he wanna bully me. But luckily i was in my neighbourhood.

    You just reminded me, previously the same thing happened to me with a biker. I had signalled to turn left and then he suddenly tried to overtake me from the left at a junction. Then he got down and scolded me even tho he was in the wrong. Fortunately for me, there was a policeman on duty there and the policeman came and scolded the man. “You punya salah!” Hahaha.

  3. People are losing track of life these days. Courtesy gone, everything’s gone. If only we can live life with the old fashion way, but with today’s technology..

    If only………..

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