School Holiday Blogging Break

Its the last day of school today before a short 10 day break. To me 10 days is really short because of our large number of todo list. 10 days includes 4 days of weekend and 1 public holiday. So, in actual fact, its only 5 days off from regular school days.

However, we have lots and lots to do. We don’t usually go anywhere because its expensive to travel. Hopefully they won’t feel any peer pressure about not going anywhere for a holiday in later years.

The kids want to do all sorts of crafts. They want to play treasure hunt. They want to learn to sew cross stitch. They want to play with their playdoh etc etc. Its a long list. At the same time, they have some holiday homework from school. Holiday is also the best time for me to catch up on teaching them. We have little time during school days as they are usually busy with homework.

They don’t complain about doing work during the school holidays because I always tell them that “We work hard but we play hard too.” 5 school days is really too short a time for us to do all those things on our itenary. Usually we’ll have our own “School Holiday Program” which they look forward to very much. We alternate work and play all day each day. We have to actually draw up a timetable which includes work and play or we’ll never get anything done accept laze around watching cartoons all day while mummy blogs. 😛

I would pin up our timetable on our board at home and if I don’t follow the timetable the kids will make sure I do. 😛 So cannot curi curi blog.

In order to spend more time with the kids, I’ll take a little blogging break myself. 10 days of blogging break. Hopefully I’ll find my momentum back after that and won’t get too lazy to blog. I find that whenever I stop writing for a while, I lose my momentum. I think my longest break was 2 months. I got really really lazy after that. Anyway, I’ll still be blog hopping this time round so its not a complete break from blogging. 🙂

Right, better get to work on that school holiday program timetable now. Be back in 10 days.

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8 thoughts on “School Holiday Blogging Break

  1. Blogging not part of the school holiday program? boohoohoo…..:)

    Have fun mummy with your kids. Sure we understand! Wish we could join in the FUN too!

    You can visit my Mothering Times blog while I am “off”. Hehe. Haven’t seen you around there. Its supposed to be a blog for Mothers Only. Other people would find it VERY BORING! 🙂

  2. have fun mummy.. and will look forward for your return.. no blog post, but got blog visiting or not ah? :p

    Got. Got. Blog hopping can do in between activities. Just run to the pc and kpc a bit every now and then. Hahaha.

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