An Afternoon in Putrajaya

During the school holidays, we took the kids to Putrajaya for an afternoon trip. It was supposed to be an “educational” trip. 😉 The kids had learned about some important landmarks in Malaysia in their school books including KL Tower, KLCC and Putrajaya. We didn’t want to take them to the first two because it was too crowded so we went to Putrajaya instead.

It was a nice change. No crowded streets and traffic jams. The buildings were so modern and impressive. The roads were wide and clean. There was so much greenery. Lots and lots of well maintained landscaped parks with beautiful and perfectly manicured lawns filled with lovely flora and fauna.

The government buildings were very impressive and each building had its own design and character of its own. Even the bridges in Putrajaya had interesting architectural design. The lawns were lovely. Did I say that already? Its because I love them. The buildings look befitting of buildings that contain hardworking people governing the country. It is my hope that someday soon that the governing will fit that image that I came away with.

It was a very good visit. Everyone around seems in a holiday mood. There were a quite a number of tourist buses around. People were going around snapping photos. If you love nature, this is a good place to visit. You can visit the parks, rent a bicycle and cycle around with your friends. That should be fun. For families,  you can take a cruise on the boat. Or just drive around like we did just taking in the sights and stopping every now and then to snap a photo or two. There were lots of people doing that.

However, being KLites with kids, when it came to mealtime, we ended up in Alamanda Putrajaya to have a bite of A&W. How boring is that. 😛 The mall here was crowded with people wearing masks, much more than the malls in KL.

My photographic skills is not as impressive as the buildings. So you can go here to view more images of Putrajaya.

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4 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Putrajaya

  1. Putrajaya is a very nice place to go for a day outing. The roads are wide and the buildings and bridges are lovely. Guess your family had a good time?

    Yes, we definitely did. 🙂

  2. cool! This is a brilliant idea. We ran out of places to go to in this concrete jungle. It’s always malls and more malls. Putrajaya will be in my itinerary in the next school break. Thank you. 🙂

    Its better than jostling with the crowd at say PD or Genting. Here, its so peaceful, calm and serene and the kids had a good time running on the green fields chasing dragonflies as soon as we arrived. 🙂

  3. a good place to go for outing. me too also avoiding shopping malls!

    We still go to the bookshop, malls and supermarkets during the weekends. Can’t avoid it altogether. We don’t use masks but we carry a hand sanitizer and use it before eating or at other times when necessary and try not to touch hand railings etc. I’ve noticed some malls and eateries have started putting up hand sanitizers and that is a good thing.

  4. I love architecture so really love the different buildings in Putrajaya too!!! What an educational trip! Good idea!

    Yes, the architecture for all the buildings and bridges are very nice.

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