This is to certify that MG has successfully completed Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course, Level 3 on this day 16th September, 2009. Hehe.

This is the last of the series of workbooks and I just played my last song the “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. Ahem. Ahem. Yahoo! Yipeee! *Doing happy dance.* A dreamed fulfilled.

Thank you to my darling who bought me a piano for my birthday in 2007,  signed me up for lessons and fetched me to lessons while he watched the kids after work. He has helped me to fulfil one of my lifetime dreams….. ie to be able to play the piano. He is the best!

I had my first lesson sometime in July 2007. Wah! I have learned for 2 years. I am planning to stop my lessons at the end of this year and self learn from there on, just playing for fun. Really no time to practise.

“Its never too old to pick up a new skill. You just have to be thick skinned.” 😉

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