Do you still remember my post about the Custom Credit Card that is uniquely you

I mentioned in my previous post that the You:nique Credit Card from Alliance Bank was running a Sweet Family Moments Photo Contest. If you follow my blog, you will know that I just love contests! Each time after entering a contest I would daydream about winning. I know there are many other blog readers out there who love contests too!

I am sure you are interested to know who won the contest, don’t you? Well, the winner of the grand prize is……………TADAAAAA! Or, I should say AND THE WINNERS ARE…………… ( because Alliance Bank has been generous. They decided to award the grand prize to not just one but two winners who tied for the grand prize.) Wow! That’s really great.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’m just going to post up the pictures of the grand prize winners here and let you decide for yourself on whether you think they deserve the grand prize. I think they do. Congratulations to the winners!

Grand Prize Winner No 1 with a beautiful family moment captured in time

Grand Prize Winner No 2 with a happy mummy and baby moment

If you missed the first contest, don’t fret because You:nique Credit Card is organising another contest soon. This time it’s the “Perfect Picture Love” contest with a wedding theme. Imagine carrying your wedding picture around in your wallet or purse everyday. That’s sweet! The best personalised design on the credit card with the contest theme wins.

If you’re a contest lover like me, you’ll want to monitor You:nique Picture Card on Facebook for more details about the contest soon. In case you’re wondering what You:nique Credit Card is about, for your information: You:nique Credit Card is from Alliance Bank. What’s unique about it is you can choose your own terms with the credit card, whether it’s Great Rebates, Fantastic Rates or if you prefer it, Exciting Rewards. It’s all up to you to customize.

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