I just received the photobook I ordered for dad and I love it. I am definitely a photobook fan now. I uploaded my photobook on Wednesday afternoon and received it on Monday morning. Its perfect.

The kids love looking at it. They enjoyed helping me to wrap it up too. We got some gold coloured paper from their craft cupboard. Then we used some leftover gold trimmed soft red ribbon from an old hamper and tied it around the gold packaged. Top it up with a little red card with a “Happy Birthday Kong Kong” written in Chinese by my girl and signed in Chinese by herself and her little brother (whom she signed on behalf off) and we are all set to present it to Kong Kong.

Though it would have been much faster to wrap the gift myself, it is good to include the kids in such activities. To teach them about the joy of giving. However, of course it took much longer to wrap it as they argued over who should stick more cellophane tape on the package. 😛


A few of you asked which photobook company I used. I used Photobook Malaysia. I must say that I am very pleased with the service, the quality, speed of shipping plus the ease of creating the photobook with the free photobook software. 🙂

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