Tuition Anyone?

I’ve started receiving them. The tuition center brochures. Some of the brochures are sent to the house, some are handed out to us as we leave the school. The brochures are for tuition during the school holidays on various subjects. All starting at the start of the school holidays till the end of the school holidays! Oh my goodness! And they’re not for fun extra curriculur activities like baking, drama or whatever. They’re for the languages English, Malay and Chinese as well as Maths and Science. Gosh! What sort of a holiday is that?

I went to enquire at an Art Centre because I was so enthralled by the way the children are taught to use their oil pastels. I didn’t know how to teach the kids that. I thought maybe if they learn the techniques then they will be able to create their own beautiful works of art.

The holiday program costs RM160 for 4 lessons. Gulp! You better hurry too as it is very packed during the school holidays as parents scamper to find activities to occupy their child with. Hmm…. I think we’ll pass on that.

I haven’t decided what to do with the kids yet during the school holidays. I may give them some home schooling, do some crafts as usual, go for a day trip or two. I’ll probably learn the techniques of colouring with oil pastels myself from the internet, teach it to the kids and do a home project together and save RM320 for two kids. lol.

What are you doing during the school holidays? Do you support tuition during the school holidays?

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11 thoughts on “Tuition Anyone?

  1. Intending to keep JS at home with me, do some homeschooling and revision and most time will be play and art time. WH’s school is running a holiday program 1/2 day for 3 weeks with interesting programs and outings. But have to pay RM300. A bit tempted and haven’t decided, but most likely will keep him at home too.

    Never thought about tuition. Want them to stay home and be close to me and spent time together. Most important, it is holiday, it is time to have fun, relax and rejuvenate!!

    RM300 is a lot if you have a few kids. Better to keep them home to occupy each other and drive you mad in the process. Hahaha.

  2. well…tuition keeps one occupied during the holidays so they get not so bored….besides it helps the kids to learn more..but if you can teach will be better as no money is being used to pay the fees…

    I am glad to be home to teach them myself during the school holidays. Then I can plan to give them all rounded activities.

  3. To us, holiday or not, almost the same. We go to work, children go day care. Of course, during holidays there’ll be lots of games at day care.

    The other day I wanted to sign up a singing, dance and drama workshop for my girl. Thot, that will be fun for my girl. Also 4-days RM160. My girl rejected. Her reason, she doesn’t want me to spend money. Am glad that she know how to help mummy save.

    Will continue her tuition during holiday. Since my SIL is giving her tuition, I get to decide what to “teach”, usually more stories and topics of her interest, IN MANDARIN of course. This mummy, take every opportunity to boost her Mandarin.

    You are fortunate to have your SIL to teach her. 🙂

  4. What am I doing for the holidays? Giving out crafts classes.. hehe.. parents these days just cant let their kids play at home during the holidays. They just MUST send them somewhere… anywhere! 🙂

    Mostly for craft lessons. Maybe I should start a workshop too. Haha. Just kidding.

  5. I think I’ll work from home and teach Des myself. Not cheap sending her to those tuition centres, moreover she doesn’t like the idea.

    Gone were the days when holidays were meant to play and relax. I guess the kids in ‘cities’ are the most stressful ones, be it during the school days or holidays – study, study, study and revise, revise, revise.

    Fortunately we are home to help them study and revise but at the same time also plan some fun activties for them.

  6. when i was young life was so simple. now everybody is after our money 🙂 especially when it comes to ‘education’ .. the art lesson sounds interesting. i might do that but i will do it myself

    Yes, there are lots of way to squeeze money out from parents…… because the demand is there…

  7. oh yes, i’ve been receiving tons of brochures too 🙂 i’m considering sending ashley to an art class near our home but they haven’t got their holiday program out yet. boy, rm160 for 4 lessons is pricey eh? i hope the one near my home is cheaper 😀

    I’ve decided not to send because its pricey. As for the cheaper ones, well, I think I can do just as well. 😉

  8. Hi MG, I am going to bring my 2 kids to visit their Grandma at my hometown in Indonesia this coming holiday.

    I already plan to let them join the art class while we are there. It’s so coincidence there is one Art teacher staying nearby, just a few next doors.

    Re the tuition, I am not going to send them for tuition as long as I can teach them myself. I am not a “tuition goer” mummy. This holiday, I won’t force them to learn much but I will still do some revision with them, at least I want them to remember what they have learned throughout the year.

    Have a great weekend!

    Me too. I will try to “ward off” tuition for as long as I am able to teach them myself. 😛

  9. No, I never support tuition on school holiday.
    Holiday is just for FUN 😀
    We usually swim, try new restaurant (we all love to eat!), buy new books and if still have extra money…traveling a bit out of town.

    That sounds just great. Do you know its becoming so competitive here that parents would send their kids to tuition to learn ahead of the school year?

  10. GOSH !! Thankfully I don’t really need to tahink about that now. THe kindy offers daycare. But there is also a holiday program that has cost me RM150 for puppet shows, clowns and an excursion!

    If not ah…hmmm….pack them off and send them to grandparents!!!

    I used to go for some holiday camps when I was younger. Hated some but loved the others. Loved my art classes too and the science projects I did with mummy!

    And of course we had a dog….which I spent alot of time with as well. 🙂

    Ann, you sound very young. In my time, there were no holiday camps or art classes. lol.

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