I’ve started receiving them. The tuition center brochures. Some of the brochures are sent to the house, some are handed out to us as we leave the school. TheΒ brochures are for tuition during the school holidays on various subjects. All starting at the start of the school holidays till the end of the school holidays! Oh my goodness! And they’re not for fun extra curriculur activities like baking, drama or whatever. They’re for the languages English, Malay and Chinese as well as Maths and Science. Gosh! What sort of a holiday is that?

I went to enquire at an Art Centre because I was so enthralled by the way the children are taught to use their oil pastels. I didn’t know how to teach the kids that. I thought maybe if they learn the techniques then they will be able to create their own beautiful works of art.

The holiday program costs RM160 for 4 lessons. Gulp! You better hurry too as it is very packed during the school holidays as parents scamper to find activities to occupy their child with. Hmm…. I think we’ll pass on that.

I haven’t decided what to do with the kids yet during the school holidays. I may give them some home schooling, do some crafts as usual, go for a day trip or two. I’ll probably learn the techniques of colouring with oil pastels myself from the internet, teach it to the kids and do a home project together and save RM320 for two kids. lol.

What are you doing during the school holidays? Do you support tuition during the school holidays?

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