Today is the officially the first day of school holidays for the kids. So…….

  • After a full day of activities with the kids
  • After hearing their constant non-stop appeals of “mummy, please play with us” (yunno, the kind that leaves you guilty if you don’t and busy if you do?)
  • After one whole day of breaking up fights
  • After taking them out to water the plants only to have a huge dead lizard drop in front of me when I opened the door (the man must have accidentally wedged poor lizzy on his way out to work this morning)
  • After discovering a host of huge flies hovering over some stray cat poo near the flower pots (Oh Kitty! Why can’t you catch the partying rats on my roof instead of leaving your smelly poo behind?)
  • After the kids danced around near the cat poo and large flies and watered the porch floor and themselves instead of the plants
  • After spending nearly an hour trying to fix the batteries on their trains for their train set and almost breaking the trains in the process (Can you tell that changing batteries is not included in my normal tasks? Its usually their dad’s.)
  • After one full day of shouting and nagging

I have decided that the school holidays is waayyyy too long. In my earlier post I had thought that it would be too short. Oh how wrong I was!

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