Telephone call queue

Recently I had to call up TNB for some reason. When I dialled the number, I was surprised to hear….

“You are number 26 in the queue. If you wish to continue waiting, please press 1. Otherwise you may leave a sms message…..” (It went something like this, I can’t remember the exact words being used).

After a while, I was told “You are number 16 in the queue….”

“You are number 12 in the queue….”

and finally….

“You are number 2 in the queue….”

Gosh! Nowadays we have to queue up for everything. We have to queue up even during a phone call!

However, queue aside, they did come to fix the problem fairly quickly. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Telephone call queue

  1. Never experienced that before. I had problem with my streamyx once and they came immediately the very next morning to rectify it. Cool 😀

    That is good. A positive thing instead of the usual complaints I hear.

  2. that’s a good system. Unlike some other ones that put you on hold forever listening to the music and advertisement, just like Air Asia customer service call.

    Its even worse if you have to key in number after number before you can get through to a person.

  3. Ya I agree with Linda. Knowing your position in queue is a very cool feature, at least you know roughly how long you have to wait.

    Yes, I didn’t have to wait very long.

  4. Well…I would rather know where I am in queue rathen than being put on hold for like AGES!!! Like Astro and Air Asia!!! And wonder if people are really working over there or not!

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